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Hi All.

Has anyone tried putting an image in the header footer section of Google docs? And struggled with its orientation and margins. If you have it done with least effort or if you had found an easy way of getting it done; please help me out.

I want to put my school name and logo which is in an image format in the header and footer section and then save it as a template for all to use with least effort.

If you have done similar things please help.

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10 Team-Building Games That Promote Critical Thinking.

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You might be wondering how to gamify online learning. Not to worry, here are 15 tips from the undisputed heavyweight champions of gamified learning!

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The day has come! Applications for the #GoogleEI program are now open: 

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can help me with an implementation strategy for junior primary students accessing GAFE.

I would like my junior classes to use the tools but they have so much difficulty logging into computers without worrying about having to log into GAFE each time also. We do not have Active Directory sync setup.

Any suggestions on how you manage this would be much appreciated.


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The 5 stages of innovation

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Really excited to have my Classroom preview and have been testing. 
Unfortunately, we have hit a bit of a wall. We have separate staff and student domains. Classroom preview under staff domain (main edu GAFE account). Staff members do have accounts in student domain for sharing and template gallery purposes, so all we need to do is get Classroom for the student other domain. I have requested a Classroom preview under the student domain but not sure Google will comply since it is not our main GAFE account.  All work arounds seem to involve setting up a subdomain under the staff domain and adding students. We would like to avoid this. Any other ideas? We are rolling out 1:1 Chromebooks in the fall and Classroom was to be our primary way of helping staff manage Drive more efficiently at the classroom level. 

I hope Google will address this issue as they prepare to "officially" release Classroom in the fall. I know many schools have set up their GAFE installation with separate domains. 

Thank in advance for any help or guidance. 


#GAFE #Chromebooks #googlclassroom  
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