GET Help Hangouts Episode 10 — Formulas in Google Forms/Docs with EquatIO

Students can now easily create and insert mathematical symbols and expressions, as well as scientific formulas using hand or voice recognition. Join us as we talk to John McGown, creator of gMath, about his new tool EquatIO!

GET Help Hangouts is a video series for Google for Education Certified Trainers (GECT), to provide information and training as they continue to develop their skills and knowledge as trainers.

Join us on Tuesday, April 25th at 1 p.m. MST -

I recently did a workshop on Google Search, Google Scholar, etc. and other Interntet resources (including Twitter, Google+ Communities, and Pinterest) for research. There were several world (foreign) language teachers in the workshop and I didn't have any good examples of how they could use this with their (French, German, Spanish and Latin) students.

Looking for any ideas to pass on to them.

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can help me with an implementation strategy for junior primary students accessing GAFE.

I would like my junior classes to use the tools but they have so much difficulty logging into computers without worrying about having to log into GAFE each time also. We do not have Active Directory sync setup.

Any suggestions on how you manage this would be much appreciated.


Google Classroom Updates
The classroom team has been hard at work fulfilling your feature requests.  Today, we're really excited to announce the following features, which have been many of our top feature requests from users!

Multiple teachers:  The team heard loud and clear that schools and universities need the ability to have multiple instructors, TAs, and aids to be able to not only see the class, but be able to make assignments, track grades, leave feedback and see the class stream.  Today, you can add other instructors to a course through the web interface.

Draft Posts:  Teachers are busy, and may want to get all of their assignments done ahead of time instead of posting them on the fly when they want students to see.  Starting today, teachers will be able to write an announcement or assignment in advance and then publish it to students at a later time.

Draft Grades:  While teachers are grading, they may find they need to readjust scaling and go back and reward/remove points.  Before today, this would mean students would see these adjustments.  Starting today, teachers will be able to grade student work in advance and return the assignments at a later time.

Send Email for Private Comments: It's important for students to be able to privately give comments to teachers, perhaps on turning in an assignment late or problems they had while competing it.  In order to make that easier for teachers to find and respond to, teachers will now receive an email when a student sends a private comment on an assignment, regardless of what platform (mobile or web) they post that comment from

Hi GET and GCT friends!

This year ISTE is holding a full-day pre-conference series of workshops called the Google for Education Learning Academy. It will be 8am-5pm on Saturday June 27th. Registered participants will go through a 3 two-hour workshops in one of three strands. 

There are presenters for each strand already set, but we are looking for amazing GCT and GET volunteers who would like to sign up to be support lead learners during these workshops. They'd circulate amongst participants and provide guidance as they move through workshop challenges.

You have the option to volunteer for one workshop within a strand or multiple! If you'd like to volunteer please complete this form (more information below).

Many thanks,
Chris Craft
Camilla Gagliolo
Jennie Magiera
Julene Reed

Event Schedule:
8:00-8:30 Check In & Coffee 
8:30-9:00 Introduction & Mini Keynote Session
9:15-11:15 Workshop 1
11:30-1:30 Workshop 2
1:30-2:30 Lunch
2:30-4:30 Workshop 3
4:30-5:00 Demo Slam

The Daily Drive- Beginner (lead = Julene)
STRAND DESCRIPTION: Dive into a hands–on exploration of the power of creativity, collaboration, and communication that is available with Google’s tools, and learn how to transform teaching and learning in your school! Attendees will explore Docs, Drawings, Forms, and Slides, then learn how to streamline classroom workflow with Google Classroom.

Googleized Creation- Intermediate (lead = Chris)
STRAND DESCRIPTION: Dive into a day where you get to dig deeper into lesser-known tools that can help you take your lesson to the next level. Attendees will explore Forms/Sites for formative assessment development, YouTube Editor for the flipped classroom (among other uses) and My Maps for geographical exploration and data analysis. 

Hack Your School- Advanced (lead = Jennie)
STRAND DESCRIPTION: Dive into a day of design thinking where you begin with a problem of practice jam, learn how to hack Google Apps to solve your problems and dream up creative solutions to address your challenges. Attendees will explore Google Scripts and Add-Ons and experience the design thinking process in this three-workshop series.

Complete the metaphor/phrase...

"What if your classroom was like a/an..."

Working on a presentation...thanks. 

Hey all, 

Does anyone know a way where someone could send an email (with a PDF attachment) to a gmail address, which would then automatically place the attachment in a Google Drive folder?  I'll be your bestie for life if you can figure it out!  


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The GAFE Express

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The 5 stages of innovation

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Great opportunity for students and teachers.  Join in make a difference.
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