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What's new in Google? Summer 2017
For an easy way to catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education from over the summer, check out the recorded video, detailed agenda, and all the links from the GEG-Ohio August 2017 Google User Meeting. We covered 42 new features and changes from the last few months, as well as lots of helpful ideas and resources for schools. You can access the recorded video, agenda, and all the links at:

Does a school need actual parent consent for students under the age of 18 (or 13 for COPPA) to use Additional Services in G Suites for Education?

From Google's site: Additional Services require consent for minor users: G Suite for Education requires in its agreement (section 2.5) that schools obtain parent or guardian consent for any Additional Services they allow students under the age of 18 to use

But from Education Week:

The FTC, which enforces the law, says schools may grant that consent on behalf of parents.

Schools can in many cases offer COPPA consent in lieu of parents, rather than having to obtain consent from parents and pass it on to operators.

Google requires it in it's agreement, but if a school can consent in lieu of parents for COPPA, can't they consent in lieu of parents for Google's agreement?

Definition of in loco parentis from the Education Law website: In effect, the schools act in place of the parent or instead of the parent—in loco parentis. This status is legal and not just descriptive. For example an appellate court in New York, in Garcia v. City of New York (1996), held that schools, once they take over physical custody and control of children, effectively take the place of their parents and guardians.

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Latest update for YouTube mobile. All shared videos on one place. New location name shared (red highlight icon at the bottom), where users will get all the videos shared with there contacts.

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This week's free download is a Google Slide template you can use to start the school year and move your students from Consumers to Producers of content.

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Hi All.

Has anyone tried putting an image in the header footer section of Google docs? And struggled with its orientation and margins. If you have it done with least effort or if you had found an easy way of getting it done; please help me out.

I want to put my school name and logo which is in an image format in the header and footer section and then save it as a template for all to use with least effort.

If you have done similar things please help.

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10 Team-Building Games That Promote Critical Thinking.

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Hi all. Registration is now open for #IMMERSIVE ‪#ITALY‬ + 7th European Immersive #Education Summit (EiED 2017) at Lucca & Leaning Tower of Pisa​! #VirtualReality, #AugmentedReality, learning games, 3D Printing & more. Speakers have included #Harvard, United Nations, #MIT, NASA, #Smithsonian, Disney, #Google, Intel, #Stanford, Microsoft, United States Department of Education, United States Department of the Interior, USC, UCLA, and other world-class organizations and academic institutions.

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You might be wondering how to gamify online learning. Not to worry, here are 15 tips from the undisputed heavyweight champions of gamified learning!

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Google Calendar with powerful tools. Many of the tools even i was not using till i gone through calendar in details. Hope it will help you in creating and playing with Google Calendar. :)
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