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Try out Prof. Gilly Salmon's 5-stage learning model, designed for content experts, library/information experts and e-Learning professionals. Carpe Diem is a proven collaborative and rapid course development method for effective learning design. Whether it be adapting an existing course for online delivery or ensuring your course is designed for future learning, Carpe Diem is an essential method for anyone interested in improving learning and teaching.

Seize the day! #CDMOOC commences March 10th! Join now for free: #MOOC #edtech #onlinelearning 

Now that FF's back, this inactive group can go back to its...hmm, come to think of it, the inactivity never let up. Good work!

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If you work at an international school, the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) International School Directory helps connect SCBWI authors and illustrators who are interested in doing school visits with international schools around the world. To be included in the 2013 SCBWI Directory of International Schools, please go to (or you can go to and under Find a Speaker, click on About School Visits, then "Submit International School Visit Information"). Please fill in the online form and submit your school's information by June 1, 2013. Thanks!

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A note for any library person who might stumble upon this community: As noted in the "About," it's mostly a "just in case" place--in case the real home for LSW, Friendfeed, ever goes away. Thus the ongoing tumbleweed mode.

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Thanks Walt -- and hello colleagues!

Thanks for creating the community and moderating it, Walt!

Never heard of LSW until this invite ... What's it all about?

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With Communities being new, they're sprouting like mushrooms after a rain. You may want to check out 
Seems to be the fastest accepted Library related community.
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