Hi. My friend stop using your hero account. But i want take the hero account and continue the Sirnorë campaign in my name. That possible?

i have a suggestion for scabard. A custom default icon, like how you have default images for things, but where we can set them per campaign, have one for each major category, character, group, place etc. and if multiples then it randomly selects just like the current default. but with images or URL's we choose?

HI, I've noticed a bug i think. whenever i enter a death date for characters they get 2 (R.I.P.) next to their names, and sometimes another one shows up.I'm not sure why though.

Scabard looks interesting but I have one key worry

What happens if you go out of business?

I could spend thousands of hours adding content, if it works as intended it would become the beating heart of my campaign, a reference to both GM and player a key to continuity.

Is there a way to export a campaign into a usable standalone format?

Okay so, I'm new and trying to transfer my piles of campaign and character info into Scabard so my players have less excuses to not read relevant materials lol

Anyway, I have a player who's character is Agender or Genderqueer (don't exactly remember which, I'll have to ask her for clarification on her character) but when I go to enter Gender all I see as acceptable are Male and Female. I looked up the FAQ for how to add races, classes, etc. but when I tried to add new Genders I don't see the add button on the page.

Am I missing something or was this a detail that has been overlooked?


Just started using this and it seems to work great.

My only real issue is that when I try to link to my campaign it displays the campaign's original name (which was a placeholder I used when I was testing it out) not the new one I've given it. Is there a way to change this?

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Ever get frustrated when players forget key NPC's, or even the plot of your campaign? Well check out this idea ...


I don't seem to have html formatting when I create or edit a page.

Tiered events

I can navigate up, in my case:
- from a series of encounters to an episode and
- from a series of episodes to a mission
- from a series of missions to the main campaign record

But can't navigate downwards to the first in the chain of events below

I could make the first the next event but assume i would no longer be able to use this to navigate between events at the same level

As a workaround I include a link in the narrative text

Does that make sense?

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