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Hey folks, as warned about ahead of our last meetup, we had a discussion at that meetup about moving under the Code & Supply banner. There was consensus that this was The Right  Thing To Do.  This means that there will not be monthly Go Steel Programmers meetings unless and until we pick topics and schedule them through the C&S system.

We’ve officially started to host our events under the Code & Supply banner.  From now on, you will be able to RSVP on Code & Supply’s Meetup page at:

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Blog post on problems with HTTPS in Go thanks to Comodo's new intermediate trust chain, the investigation, diagnosis and simple fix:

(I checked with another moderator that this post wouldn't be spam before pimping my own blog here)

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Anyone have a topic to present for June?  :)  Or a suitable hackathon-type project to support?  Or a suggestion for an alternative format?


Do we have a topic for this month?

I've been dusting off my synthesizer project over the weekend and making it decently performant on a Raspberry Pi.  I don't have much to say about it, but I could probably fake a slide-free lightning talk.

Arrived very early for today's meeting, so I could be in the Google lobby as folks arrive and they know they're in the right place. Buzzed for Google Reception when door wasn't just open. No response. A minute later, the door opens and people start streaming out to the dulcet tones of a fire alarm. A few minutes after that, the fire trucks arrive.

I'm currently in the Coffee Tree Roasters in Bakery Square, waiting it out, hoping to see Bryan at some point and figure out a plan.

So, candidate new group logo is making its debut here in Google+. I've filled in a form and sent a mail to an artist's husband to try to make sure that I'm complying with the CC-BY license in what we have here.

If I don't get artist objections to my mashup / mashup's attributions, and if folks like it, I'll shove it on the main website.

I know at least one person other than me likes it. I'm just happy that the picture I found with licensing and a good perspective to capture an iconic view of the city happened to line up with the gopher art without rotation, so the effect is clear.

It's as though the combination was Meant To Be.  :)
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