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Notes on Ethics for Nature Photographers.

As photographers, we have an obligation to protect the resources we enjoy and to lessen our impact whenever possible.  In this community, these obligations will override the desire to "get the shot".  

We are not here to police anyone's behavior but posts that the moderators feel blatantly exhibit a lack of these ethics will be removed. 

We encourage sharing of general location information for photography opportunities but please be cognizant of potential impacts of social media posts/reshares and don't give out specific location information for endangered, rare or delicate subjects.  And please respect an individual's right to determine how much information they will share.

This link is a good resource for those wanting to understand more about ethics in nature photography.

In order to keep our content relevant and useful, here are a few rules for participants in the community.

1) To be approved as a member, your feed must show an interest in Texas photography showing your own work.  All levels of experience are welcome.  If you're new, please introduce yourself and feel free to post a link to your website or photo gallery.

2) Only post images for which you own the copyright.  Images not taken by the person posting will be removed.

3) Do not post thumbnails that are links to external websites.  Either post directly to the community or reshare (your own image) but feel free to post a link in the text.

4) Still photographs only, please.  No videos, animation, Auto Awesome for GIFs are allowed.

5) Be nice!  :-)

6) Although we want to share information, we are not here to promote your business.  Links in the text and occasional posts that would be of interest to the entire group are ok but don't be obnoxious about it.  Generally, if your only contributions appear to be about self-promotion, then you will be asked to stop.

7) There is no specific limit to the number of posts but please be reasonable.  Around 3-5 per day is a good benchmark.

8) Absolutely No Spam.  Spammers will be banned without warning.

9) Moderators will have the final say on what is appropriate and what is removed.  
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