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waits at the guild hall for my teammates so we can go on the mission. +Erza Scarlet +Laxus Dreyar 

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My bio and pic. I have Psychic powers btw. 
Olliver James Miles Bio

Name: Olliver James Miles
Nickname: "Phoenix Kid"
Age: 13 (Ages slowly)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 124 lbs
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: S-Class
Appearance: See pic
Blood type: AB+
Personality: He is a kind and sweet young boy who is true to his friends and true to what he believes in. He is a HUGE target for girls. He doesn't know why, but he seems to attract them mainly because he is cute and adorable.  However...He does hold a dark secret...
Likes: friends, having a good time, going on an adventure, hanging out at Fairy Tail, and a good story
Dislikes: Fighting, seeing his friends get hurt, hates to see them be upset, and hates to see them cry. And being called a little kid.
Magic: He has Telekinesis (which is not magic), Telepathy, The strong tie of friendship that gives him strength. He can also travel through dreams. Like a chain connected, the keychain on his sword represents the link and the bond that he shares with them. Can also change armor to don the Legendary Hero of Xenovia's armor (Fairy Knight here for Fairy Tail), however, it does slowly and continuously drains him of his power.
Weapon(s): A sword, cards, spells, and his body
Backstory (Bio): Olliver is from an unknown country in Fiore. When he was three, he lost it all to an etherion blast that destroyed the country and everything it it. He became scared and could not trust anyone. He ran across the land. He eventually found himself here in Magnolia. He had heard of Fairy Tail and decided to seek Master Makarov and join the guild! However...Nightmare still lurks inside of him...It awakened into the Nightmare Soul, a vicious beast. He becomes the form that people fear most. That is Nightmare's Power

Height: 5'2
Eye Color: they change on my mood but one is gold/yellow
Hair Color:brown
Skin Tone:peach
Personality:fun and silly but get's cocky and easily pissed off. loves fighting and will fight for her friends
Likes: animals, friends, rain, nighttime, food
Dislikes:sun, sunshine, thinking
Magic:dragon slayer
Class (Rank): im saying S class but i still have lots to learn
Weapon(s): none except my magic and i can come up with some good insults/comebacks
Pets (optional): idk maybe i'll find one later... 
Backstory (Bio): I'm AJ and im a dragon slayer and i have multiple power because i was taught by half of the dragons there are which also including Acnologia he saw that i was full of darkness and power after I was train from all the other one's. I was filled with darkness from being abandoned by all the dragons and them forcing me to leave saying it wasn't safe so he took me in for long years until he left as well. I wandered for a long time but then I had a dream that I had a big brother called natsu and that he was in fairy tail so i came to the guild and asked to join they let me so I stay with my brother and Im quite strong yet very clumsy and i have terrible nightmares that sometime seem to come true. Half of my memories gone but im not scared because im surrounded by friends. invited to a fairy tail club! ^_^

Hi I'm Olliver!! Thanks for accepting me!! ^^ holds out hand for a handshake

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Hi thanks for the invite i realy like it! lets all be friends

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Hi and thanks for invite me \(^~^)/

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