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Hello Everyone! The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori School is hiring for a Communications and Marketing Coordinator. If you have any great candidates, please send them our way!

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Hi team! We are planning to call our local school district to request their mailing list. I was wondering if other schools had done this with any success? Did you get a lot of questions (who/why) and anything you would suggest we say (or don't say) to ensure we are able to attain the magical list? Thanks of your suggestions!

We are looking at changing our enrollment process. We want to get away from re-enrolling every year and go to a continuous enrollment model. Do any of your schools have a model like this? And if so, do you have a sample contract i could share with our admin assistant? Thanks so much!

Hello! We currently have our pre-K to K step-up day at the end of the school day in December. Parents have historically not attended but would like them to be a part of the experience. I am looking for ideas on an informal presentation, roundtable discussion, or question/answer for the parents to fill 30-45 minutes. We don't want it to replace/duplicate the information communicated in the January Kindergarten Open House or School Tour/Information session. Has anyone done anything like this or have ideas to share? Thank you!

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Quick update! An email was sent this morning to all who registered for the upcoming Catholic Schools Summit. If you missed that email, you can access it here:

Ideas for a web-based conference sign-up form for our families? We're considering Sign-Up Genius but are wondering if there's a better option.

Welcome to October! It's time to track your September numbers. Please reach out to me if you need the link to your spreadsheet. If this is your first year tracking, I will send you a link to your spreadsheet later today. Please enter your numbers by Friday, October 6.

Thank you!

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Hi all! I hope you are excited to see each other again next week. Here is all the meeting information. I neglected to change the date of the Rural group meeting. It is Thursday, October 12 at 10am at CSCOE. Same place as last time. Sorry for the confusion. See you then!

In planning your Open Houses, how do you coordinate having entertainment (like a band), and still make sure everyone gets a tour of the school? Are families required to tour before seeing the entertainment?

I would love to see how the flow of your open houses is planned! Thank you!
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