Chemically Attracted 


Have you ever had a crush on someone and you are bonding with someone else that you care about and do not want to hurt their feelings?
Nitrogen’s Pov
I am watching a movie with my best friend Hydrogen and his strong bond for Oxygen. Hydrogen what can I say about him, he is everything an element could ever dream of having in their orbits. He is sweet, caring, strong, loving, understanding, and he is willing to listen to whatever you have to say.
Here I am crushing on my best friend and I am bonding with Magnesium who I care about a lot. I do not want to hurt Magnesium feelings at all, but I cannot help this attraction. Hydrogen is so different from Magnesium. 
We have been friends since the day we were born because we have always existed atmospherically. As we got older I grew to have feelings for him but I have never had the courage to tell him. 
So here I am with him and his “covalent bond” watching “It’s A Good Day to Bond”. Today was supposed to be our periodical hang out with each other, but no he invited his snobby girlfriend Oxygen, that nobody likes. I have a feeling that she is just using him for his electrons.
Today was supposed to be the day, that I told him how I felt but I can’t because his girlfriend is here being all gaseous and pretending that she actually cares about him, when I am the only one that cares and everyone knows it. Well here I am sitting on the floor alone watching my best friend Hydrogen be all cuddly with his girlfriend.
When the movie was all done, Oxygen said that she had to go, most likely sharing electrons with Carbon. Which everyone knows, except for Hydrogen of course? Hydrogen and I decided to catch up on our everyday life since we have not talked for eons, with all the bonding that is going on between Magnesium and I and Hydrogen and Oxygen. We talked for an hour before we decided to do something else, like play a game of Electron Twister.
After a couple hours more I decide to tell Hydrogen how I feel.
“Hey can I tell you something,” I said.
        “Sure, you know you can tell me anything right. I am your best friend after all,” Hydrogen answer.
“Well for starters I feel like we can have strong chemistry between us. I know you have a chemical bond with Oxygen and I have a very strong bond with Magnesium, but you’re always on my mind and I cannot get you out, no matter how hard I try. I have liked you since we were in Atom School. You are easy to talk to and you get me and I get you. I understand if you do not feel the same pull. I would understand if I just made our friendship really awkward,” I said all at once.

Hydrogen’s Pov
Wow, I cannot believe that Nitrogen likes me like actually likes me. I never taught that this would happened. I mean I like not like love Nitrogen too, but then there is Oxygen who I really care about although she can be a little too uptight and all.
“You like me, I like you too. Wait not like I love you, but I love Oxygen too. I know you don’t like her and all, but do you think we can try to chemically bond in secret. I really do like you  and your ‘re always on my mind,” Hydrogen said.
“Really, you like me to. I do not want to ruin things with you and Oxygen. Do you really want to bond in secret? Isn’t that dangerous for us to secretly bond? What if Magnesium or Oxygen finds out? It will turn out terribly,” I said out of breath.
“They would not find out. Trust me,” Hydrogen whisper.
After Hydrogen and I talk about our chemical bond with each other and how we are going to bond in secret without Magnesium and Oxygen finding out. I decided to leave so I can spend more time with Magnesium to do some ironic bonding since he is going on a Chemical tour in a few weeks and I would not get to see him for a few more months. 

Harry Styles

  A Persuasive Essay

  Dear Board of Education,
Everyone knows that getting an education is the most important part of life. If people did not have an education, we would not have the things we have in the world today. But this can all change if the school board of education extended the school day an hour and fifteen minutes. The Bridgewater-Raritan School District should extend the school day because it helps parents with after care, we can have a longer lunch, which means eating healthy and getting extra help, and last but not least getting more education.
           First of all extending the school day will help parents with after care. Since most parents work eight or more hours; they don’t have to worry about getting off work early or arranging someone to pick up their child because they will probably be at school. This will also be good for some of the teachers and some of the board members because their children or child might be at school it they live in Bridgewater or Raritan. According to Patti Richards in her article “Pros vs. Cons of Extended School Days” states that children are in school for eight hours of instruction each day could potentially see their entire day away from rural areas. The new-set up would enable any parent who needs after care for their children.
           Secondly increasing the school day means students get more education. Getting an education is the most important thing in life. As stated in “Pros vs. Cons of Extended School Days” by Patti Richards  “The National Education Association, one of the biggest complaints from teachers is not having enough time to work on projects or introduce children to content of the core curriculum. Longer school days offer benefits and challenges.” Extending the school day means that teachers do not have to worry about finishing the lesson fast, they can take their time and teach the class. The students can have more time to do their homework and ask the teachers for help. They can also have more time to do projects and other fun activities.
           Lastly increasing the school day means more time for lunch. When we have more time at lunch we can take our time to eat instead of wolfing down our lunch like a pack of wolves.   According to Andri Antoniades in her article “Why Fixing School Lunches Need to Include Longer Lunch Periods” states that “shorter periods could be contributing to childhood obesity; research finds that when people are forced to eat quickly they often consume more calories and feel hungrier an hour later. One the flip side, a student who’s among the unlucky last ones served in the lunch line may only have time for a bite or two before he or she has to return to class. Others forget the long lines altogether by choosing not to eat at all.” A longer lunch period also means we can go to a teacher and get extra help or even get some studying done. Getting extra help could boost our grades up. 
In conclusion the Board of Education should extend the school day because it helps parents with child care, we the students get more education, and we get longer lunch.  

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The sun is shining in the
Beautiful clear sky.
The crystal clear waters glistens and,
The clean white sparkly sand,
Reflects the sun’s golden light.
Family members are laughing,
And talking with each other and,
Little kids are jumping over the waves,
Some are building sand castles and,
Others are splashing their friends or family members.
Birds are chirping and dogs are barking.
The taste of the salt water makes,
You want to drink a nice,
Cold drink.
You can smell the saltiness from,
The beach a mile away.
Poem by: Shamika Richardson

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This is from tumblr

I am a dancer with magic toes.
I am not an artist with magic hands.
I am smart like an eagle who hunts for its prey.
I am not a brainiac who knows everything.
I am a fashion designer who makes beautiful clothing.
I am not a magician who shows of their tricks.
I am a cheetah who takes the lead.
I am not a zebra who follower everyone
I am a basketball player who loves to win.
I am not a baseball player because I am not good at it.
I am a dog who is very energetic like a German shepherd.
I am not a cat who sits around waiting for its meal.
A poem about me
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