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Hello, soldiers! Sorry I've been gone for so long ..

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Name: Dexter
Age: 17
Species: human
Likes: trainning, speed, flying, collecting people lightsaboe=rs
Dislikes: sith
Homeplanet: Mustafar
Weapons: lightsabers
Force Powers: light
Affiliation: none yet
Bio: I grew up on Mustafar for 5 years as a slave then Watto won me in a bet, so I grew up on tatooine. The a Jedi free me. When I was 15 and my master got assassin by a sith lord and I got burnt up so i hid in fear, im slowly make the metal on my body to the same metal as the electrostaff so I can be invisible. I'm also looking for a master. soon I made my one ship, powerful and un track able like the slave 1, and faster than millennium falcon.
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Name Devis ct7489

Rank commander

Batlion unified

Age unknown

Last seen unknown

Status unknown

Is it okay that I can be a Jedi? If not I can still make a clone.

Can someone ask +J is bae  why I got blocked?

I remember when I made this community.

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I'm walking with my favorite captain, Captain Rex on both of our day off. Then I say, "oh this is nice... Sometimes the war is to much to handle. sighs but it is good to hang with you. Then you say...(rp)

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Name : Danson Delta-40 Age : 20 Weapons : DC-15A Blaster Rifle , DC-155 Blaster Carbine , Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon Former Affiliation : Galactic Republic Allegiance : The Clone Rebellion Gender : Male Species : Human ( Clone ) Bio :
Danson never received any basic training while on Kamino, although he seems to figure out machines by pressing a blue button on the mechanism. His rifle is wanted by almost everyone he came in contact with, due to the blue laser it fires and that it's an antique (according to Master Yoda). He is best friends with Bhiff Gamma-09 (possibly due to them being genetically similar). After traveling twenty years into the future, he meets up with Bhiff, meets Teflin McBomb and the Dark Trooper Prototype Rook, and attempts to get back into the Army, reorganized as the Imperial Army. He even goes on his first and only bounty hunt on Dagobah with Boba Fett in an attempt to capture one of Jabba the Hutt's droids that went rogue. Danson accidentally gives away their position to the droid, making Fett capture the droid himself. Fett leaves Danson behind.

Danson comes across Yoda, who immediately takes a dislike for the annoying clone. Having given up hope, Yoda refuses to help Danson. The spirit of the recently slain Obi-Wan Kenobi convinces him otherwise. After raising an old Republic gunship, he sents Danson on his way to the Death Star.

He reunites with Bhiff, Teflin, and Rook, after Rook accidentally launches Alpha-12's "elite" team into the Death Star's superlaser, sending them 3 years into the future and to the ice planet, Hoth. After being temporarily separated from Rook, Teflin, and Bhiff on Hoth(after failing to notice a trench and falling into it), he meets Colonel Vespa of the Rebellion and becomes instantly infatuated by her(due to Danson never meeting a lady since he woke up on Kamino) and even calls her "kinda... pretty". He was last seen along with Bhiff, Teflin, and Rook, who were about to be attacked by a Wampa on "the coldest hill in the whole galaxy".

Powers and Abilities

He assumingly possesses the same strength and agility as all the clone troopers, although it not be true because he is a defective clone. He can sometimes shoot his rifle (most likely by accident). He can speak all languages (unknown if he can read or write all languages) unlike any other clones, as when Boba Fett couldn't understand the Gammoreon Guard and Percy couldn't read Mandalorian.


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These are my very first custom clone and storm.

Name: Breaker
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