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On Belief: The Motive for Terrorism
Violence and Killing

©copyright, 2017, Angel Patrick Boyar

Humanity is at the crossroads of survival or extinction. After thousands of years of believing and fighting over issues of race, religion and cultural identities we are not learning what life is so plainly teaching us all: That there is and always has been and always will be one organically connected body of life!

The racial, cultural and national divisions that we have created in our quest for Identity have not worked in securing us in the way we have sought to protect, prolong and enhance the quality of our lives on earth.

It is evident that "belief," whether religious or philosophical, by which we hope to extract some meaning for our lives is actually the cause of pitting us against each other, and that seeing this threat to our lives the only solution to solving the strife of man against man is to immediately drop our search for meaning in life, to take on an entirely different perspective that includes an aesthetic vision that encompasses the totality of life, of existence.

This means that our survival is contingent upon taking the frightening, yet bold step in actually embracing ourselves as being life itself, because there really is no other way to see ourselves. All of our beliefs have actually become stumbling blocks that have crippled our lifes energy because we are naturally endowed with the breath of life which is not an experience we have to work up through belief or prayer.

We have invented with our prolific imagination fantastic illusions about who we are as a species and where we came from, and we hate, fight and kill each other over these speculations of our origins and identity. We know that all, or most of us, are claiming some special connection with being descendants of the God's as every religion or belief system is a story about how we got here and who came first, the Indian, African, Oriental or what have you. In turn each claim to be more enlightened and civilized than the other. Those who do not believe like us or look like we do in physical appearance are the enemy and barbarian who must be transformed into our image (way of life and thinking) and thus civilized.

We might not have come from any special creation, we might not have accidentally popped into existence. What does it really matter where we came from? We are here, living beings, and it is pure insanity to hate and kill each other over these ancient issues that we have been destroying ourselves over for millennia.

Many are waiting for some miraculous outside intervention to stop humanity from destroying itself. Others are waiting for some natural evolution to bring us to some higher states of consciousness conducive to living and making us whole and complete human beings. Either way, both of these world views leave us powerless to act on our own behalf. We are waiting for God or evolution to extract us from this quandary that we call the Human Condition, an experience of life in which we have made ourselves our own worst enemies.

It would seem that any visions of reality that keep us from taking the immediate action for which the plight of humanity calls, must and should be abandoned because we cannot wait around any longer for any saviours or evolutionary forces to unite us in the way we need to be, as without unification of our world, of planetary consciousness; ultimately as events are now playing themselves out with all the violence and the threat of nuclear annihilation, we will end up with our own extinction because of our conflicts over who is right or wrong about what truth or reality is.

What is at stake is our physical lives, but it is the war of ideas that is putting us in jeopardy and making our planet a place of hazardous living for all of us. Hating, fighting and killing is no proof that what we believe is true, and it is just plain stupidity on our part to think that an idea is worth sacrificing our lives to.

Biologically the body will act to protect itself when threatened with physical danger, but the state of dismal affairs in our world as it pertains to politics and religion is that we are not defending or naturally protecting ourselves from physical threats, but engaged in fighting and killing over ideology. This lunacy must immediately stop!

Whether our ideology is political, religious, spiritual, mystical or whatever ideologies the mind has invented in the psychological games it is playing with itself, we have to be intelligent enough to see through the charade and keep ourselves alive even though it means having to give up all these religions, myths and manmade beliefs and philosophies by which we have felt and thought has given us a power for living.

In reality we have armed ourselves with a deadly arsenal of ideologies that are motivating us to hate, fight and kill each other, and therefore we can no longer embrace and accept this way of thinking that pits us against each other.

Some may say, "I cannot live without my faith, my God, my religion or philosophy." Then my friends, you have to die for what you believe, and if you want to pay the price of death for what you believe to be the truth that sustains the psychological reality of your mental existence, you are welcomed to die; but do not blame the world for its hostility and aggression against you, because your belief is as much the cause for your own destruction as the person or people you may blame for hating and wanting to kill you without a cause.

For anyone who cares to see, it is as plain as daylight that our beliefs have not been giving us a power for living, but a reason for killing, whether they have been religious or political beliefs they have been and continue to be the cause of all revolutions and wars since the dawn of humanity.

Someone else might say that we all need something to believe in, that we need to have a philosophy of life or wander about like some existential zombies, yet we already have words to live by; those powerful sayings of the Buddha, Christ and J. Krishnamurti, as well as other wise and noble sages of humanity; all who have emphasized our need of being compassionate toward one another. Yet, the majority of so-called enlightened and spiritual people, no matter how much they profess agape love, humility and tolerance, are filled with seething hatred for one another, still.

It is not because any enlightened teachings lack power to transform lives, but because of people whose ideal way of living is being egotistically violent. This been accepted as a natural part of the human condition, meaning that there is nothing that we can really do to change this destructive way of thinking and behavior because it is the matrix of our whole consciousness and nature. And since all of these psychic forces have been set in motion by some transcendental or mystical powers called Nature or God, then we cannot help, but be what these powers are making of us. It is beyond our control and we are doomed to be puppets and robots living our lives at the push of the biological button and the pull of God's strings.

With this fallacious thinking brought to light, why then practice some religion, a way of living, or have a philosophy of life when what is already being played out is meant to be the way it is? If it could not be any other way, then why go against the grain of what is naturally taking place in our experience of what we call life?

We are of course said to be moving against or opposing this evil self-destructive part of our nature, but in the process of practicing our faith or applying our beliefs to the way we live, everyone else who does not believe or think like you do, is a potential and real enemy. This believing is played out in the same way in all people who belong to whatever school of thought they ascribe too, so that it makes no difference whether one believes in the Buddha or Christ or Allah because the same thought process of envy and hate is in motion through all believing which is a psychic structure built on the psychological foundation of the ego, that entity which gives us our sense of identity and the one we are really all fighting to protect and keep alive.

You know the old story of mankind. We are questers in a search for meaning, to find the answers of who we really are and where we came from, and we are all equally convinced that our God is the true God, that our philosophy of life is the absolute truth, and once we have staked our claims, we stand on the scientific ground of our being: that circular motion of our human consciousness in which we give ourselves our own blood transfusion and fuel our existence through what we believe!

If you look closely at the Mechanics of Consciousness, it does not really matter what we believe is true or not so long as it gives us some anchor in a topsy-turvy world, or helps us get our bearings to steer our ships in the direction we wish to go or that we think we are taking ourselves to. The only problem is, that along the way we face danger, and death is always imminent. And because there is danger, because we are mortal, because we can suffer and go through all kinds of psychological and physical pain, because we can die, and cease to exist as living beings: for these reasons belief becomes and is all important!

Belief is the magical circle we draw around ourselves as a shield to protect us from all those evil forces in Nature and personified in those we demonize as the villains who would sabotage and obstruct our way to Shangri-la, that final place of peace, safety and eternal security, because ultimately, we want to keep ourselves alive as long as we can, because we have a philosophy, that being alive is far better than being dead.

Paradoxically, and ironically, belief, which is supposed to protect us from danger and death, is itself putting us in harms way, and bringing us that much closer to dying, as eventually people are willing to kill and die for what they believe; at the same time weeping and feeling sorry for themselves about how cruel and evil the world is. Sacrificing themselves for a belief is not suicidal, it is noble to be a martyr, and to kill to affirm ones faith or ideology makes a person a hero in the eyes of everyone else who believes like you do. Though it is said to be for the cause of life, it is really for the cause of egotism, of pride, of drama, of the Quester seeking excitement in what would otherwise be a boring existence in a life that is said to be calling everyone to adventure, but it has come with a pyrrhic victory, bringing psychological anxiety, disillusionment and death upon us, not the experience of life, freedom and understanding we were seeking all along.

If the quest for meaning and the thrill of being alive come from adventure, then is there a law, a driving force, a primordial impulse that makes us seek what we are looking for through an avenue of being and doing evil? Because for the most part, adventure in life is sought and comes through all the egotistical violence we see being played out in our world. Religious crusades, political wars and cultural revolution are calls to adventure in fighting other people and nations who do not believe or think like we do. The true hero is one who is in a fight against evil and injustice and the villain is always the foreigner who does not have our racial and national heritage.

Again, belief in our racial consciousness, our national identity and state religion, all of which stem from who we think we are and where we came from: We are making these things matter to us, but Intelligence is telling us that these are not issues that should matter to us at all, especially so since these are only 'ideas' we have about ourselves, not fixed identities.

What we are doing when we hate, fight and kill over these ancient issues is protecting and defending a Ghost, and that Ghost is a false idea that we gain power for living through believing. See now for yourselves, that belief has never given us a power for living, but has already been said: Belief gives us only a reason for killing!

If we want meaning for living it is not going to come through killing one another over what we believe to be who we are, or where we came from. If we want meaning in life it is not going to come through the way we have been living and thinking. In fact, this destructive mode of being is why we question whether our lives have any real meaning or value, because in the end ourcreason for living is nor validated because we keep hating and killing each other over our beliefs; and this is why if we are to survive we have to stop using belief as a reason for hating and killing each other.

Our existence, our lives cannot be fueled through belief! We have tried this for thousands of years and it has not worked for us. For this reason, if our physical lives are more important to us than a psychological Ghost, then we have to drop all ideologies whatever they are and freely see and embrace ourselves as human leaves all connected to this Tree of Life, for in truth life is and can only be: One organic body of life!

Any truly enlightened and liberated person will cease with all this nonsense in the process of Identification because we are all living beings belonging to the only clique worth being a member of and that is the Country Club of Life. No one can be excluded from this divine circle, where the only energy of life is a living consciousness that infuses and encompasses every living thing and being on the planet and universe. Any person or group of people who want to shut themselves out from this circle of life is at their own exclusion, because of refusing to give up the Ghost of their own mythical identity.

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In Loving Memory of my beautiful girlfriend: Lynn
In Memory of Lynn Weiss

I love you
I miss you
I wish it was me
That died instead of you

You were a noble woman
Who gave me love
And taught me how to
Live again

Thank you my love
For making me a better man
Thank you for your
Sweet and precious

I will treasure you
In my heart

©copyright, 2017, Angel Patrick Boyar
©copyright photo, APB


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Today and always you are
The Apple of my eye
You awaken in me primordial
Feelings of love
You help bring the best
Out of me
Though I am not worthy of
Your love
Yet you continue to share
From the depths of your
Own pristine being
The beauty of your person
With me

Such a delicate flower
A lady with class
Filled with wisdom
Teaching me the greatest
Art in life
Which is the Art of Living

You grace my life and
Give me dignity
Hoping for the best
As a mother would
For her son or daughter

You mean the world to me
And I thank you for
Loving me in a way
That I never thought
Love could be and exist

Thank you my sweet
For not giving up on me
For giving me the chance
To know and experience
What love is

You are Love

©copyright, 2017, Angel Patrick Boyar
©Photo, A.PB. +Lynn Weiss


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Left Behind

In Loo of my mind
Through the dust of time
I step into this vortex divine
Being chased by the thought
Police who would arrest me
For tapping into the
Free energies of the universe

Like voyeurs
And booty hole bandits
They spy through their glass eye
To catch a glimpse of the
Brown eye in the sky
That spiraling black hole
Where comets appear
Leaving Haley behind
Travelling through the dung heap
Of fertilized thoughts
Where dwells the 🌎
Precariously balanced in
The middle of Dingle Berry Lane
Where Andromedas Strain
To give birth to SETI

©copyright, 2017, Angel Patrick Boyar
Photo courtesy of +karen hayward


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From the magnificent +Justice Clarke​ a poem which has life and movement.
Each second that passes without you appears to be the eternity that knows no end. I sit in the cradle of the broken awaiting for your presence to repair my shattered mold and make me whole once again. Where does one wander without the half of their soul? The night comes cold and the days stream long yet I am held in the palm of your love and tended to by the melody of your precious song. Come to me, in the hours of my solitude and lay with me in the moments of tomorrow, steal from me my sorrow, as we become the monument carved from the stone of remembered grace. My heart shall always keep that sacred place reserved for the presence of thee ....Thoughts of a Single Man

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No supe en qué momento
me perdí en el bosque de sus letras
llegué a lo más profundo
y ahí conocí mis penas.
Escribe poemas con la tinta roja
que fluye de mis venas
la gente piensa que estoy loca
por enamorarme de un poeta
Pero a mi no me importa
nadie sabe lo que siente el viento

© Lily Kampz 2017

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Welcome to the wonderful +Lily Kampz​ to beauty is being who you are. Feel free to share and comment as often as you want in all categories listed in posts. Glad to have you here.

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LOVE. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT. It just needs to be true.

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Not all the beauty of the moon
Compare to the smile of my beloved
Not even the brightness of all stars dazzle
The brightness of your heart, half of my heart

Ahmed M
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