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Looking 4 moderators ^_^
We added some rules, read please.

Welcome to Travel Around the World on Google Plus.  This is a place for travellers to share stories,  photos and advice.  

Group rules.
In this group it is forbidden:
1. To post any advertising publications.
2. To post any links to other sites/groups/pages in order to sell goods and services.
3. To insult other users, to use foul language in the comments.
4. To post erotic or porn photos and videos.
5. To post any political and religious stuff.
6. To promote smoking and alcohol consumption.
7. To call to violence, racism and terrorist activities in any way.  

It is allowed: 
1. To post pictures, articles and videos that pertain to the subject of this group.
2. To respect each other.
3. To post links to your Google+ profile, groups and pages and also to sites or any other resources that pertain to the subject of this group.

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions: We definitely will answer you. =)

- Enjoy the beauty of our beautiful planet. :)

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Гора Восточный Ачешбок Путешествие и Отдых на Западном Кавказе в России Куда поехать отдыхать Что посмотреть Фото Тур
Mountain Acheshbok Travel and Recreation in the Western Caucasus in Russia
Восточный Ачешбок утром и вечером...
Photo by ФЁДОР
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Right outside the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park in Sierra National Forest is a wonderful swimming hole spot known as Fish Camp Falls. This quick hidden gem hike leads to three amazing waterfalls with beautiful deep pools that are the perfect spot to enjoy refreshing mountain waters of the Sierra Nevada.

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It's Saint Petersburg, baby ;)

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Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia!

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Travel sometimes is about remembering sacrifice...
Belgium's Centenary Tribute
Belgium's Centenary Tribute

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