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Hey, another promise kept. I talked about the Anthology print proofs a week or so ago and said I'd let you know when the book was approved. So, yeah, Ta DA! It's been approved by our fearless leader, +Miles M Kantir

It's now available in both soft and hard cover. . Alida did the hard work of coming up with these amazing chapter headers and making the layout look right.

To get your copy, go here:
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My friend +Eric Lamoureux​ recorded the session. It was the second part of the mission. 
Fun evening playing +Sean Patrick Fannon's Shaintar, GM'd by the one and only +Stephen Dragonspawn. Strong teamwork prevailed in the face of evil with +Marc Lombart +John Polack and +Gil'Dashard Luin'Strad.

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My Campaign runs out of Echer'Naught and is the Regional HQ for the Rangers. My main GMNPC is Col. Wolfhaven and serves as the overall commander. Happy Gaming!

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Play a Shayakar you say? Yes, please do.

Sean Fannon came up with some excellent new racial and professional edges that make playing a one a reality. We've also let loose a few new secrets to help GMs and their players learn just how evil this society can be.

Vainar and his Necrolords rule the land, with the Shayakeim acting as lords over this dark and evil culture. All must bow to the Dark Church or become the unfortunate who become sacrifices. Politics is incredibly polite as anyone will stab you in the back to gain power and relative safety.

Marriage is quite literally life and death and woe be unto one who irritates someone who is wields true power or she'll cause a fate worse than death.

This book will be available at the following retail sites tomorrow: - Just search Shaya'Nor after logging in

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It’s Shaintar Sunday and there’s a bunch of good stuff going on that we wanted to tell you. As a result of the Eldritch Kickstarter, a crossover book between the worlds of Ainereve and Shaintar has been created. Shawn Gore is the writer (Black Lantern Report: Camden) with Dan Cross from Crossroads Games. The name of the adventure is Shadows of Rebellion.

Amazingly, Dan & Shawn decided to let Savage Mojo be the ones to release the book to the public after it was given to the backers and we released it earlier today.

Agents from both worlds are fighting to gain power and a group is called to assist rebels trying to break free from the tyranny of the Kal-A-Nar Empire. Yet a deeper plot with powerful foes emerges from the shadows.

You can find Shadows of Rebellion at both Savage Mojo and the DriveThru store (see links below).

Just visit and search for Shadows of Rebellion

For DriveThru click the link:


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On a battle map, I've added a bridge of cardboard and clay for tomorrow's Shaintar game. What will my players be facing?
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Shaintar sees another new release just before the Holidays. Dregordia provides the detail of the lives of the huge reptilian denizens of the Ever Living Jungle.

Dregordians - a warlike people who follow The Way in order to exert personal control rather than being ruled by their own passion. This book provides all the background information required to create a character or NPC background for someone from the Republic - or even for a GM to plan part of a campaign in the swamps and jungle.

You'll be able to get it tomorrow at the following locations; - Just search for Dregordia once you've logged in
Drive Thru/RPG

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It's here it's here!! What do marriage, death and birth rituals look like? The singers follow the call of the mountain and shape stone and steel.

First, learn about several Clanhomes and then delve deep into Iron Song, the home of Clan Shalebreaker where you'll learn about the platforms and the city that lies deep within the mountain.

Welcome to Hearth, Home & Forge, the Dwarven Clanhomes!

Click here to visit our website:
Click here to get it at DriveThru:

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Black Lantern Report: Mercenary Companies, RELEASED!
Well, I can’t believe a that its only been since 4 days since we announced that Savage Mojo would be taking over the Shaintar line and fulfilling all the kickstarter rewards.  I’m so excited to be able to talk to you now.  It’s been a frenetic few days but we’ve completed the basics due to the hard work of all of the people mentioned below.

The book we released today was already in the works due to some very hard work on the part of  Carinn Seabolt (editing), Sean Patrick Fannon (rulesy and crunchy stuff) and Gayle Reick, (project coordination).

Our Art Director – Alida Saxon worked at lightning speed and got the final product back to us from layout almost before we all knew she had it.  Early this morning, the backer emails went out and we fulfilled the reward to those who backed at that level.  I wanted to tell you next so here I am.  I’m very pleased to inform you of this and keep your eyes on the Facebook pages, and because there is more exciting stuff coming soon.  If you have questions, feel free to let us know and we’ll find the right person to answer the question and respond as quickly as possible.

Until then, I wish you joy in the upcoming week and Happy Gaming!

Is there anyone out there adapting the Shaintar rules to the Fantasy Grounds VTT?

Or are there plans to adapt the material to the VTT program/application?

I'm not that tech savvy and I don't have the time right now or in the near future. I've been trying to enter some data and at least create my own profile, but its a more arduous task than I thought.

I know people would be interested in the setting on a VTT.

I've also looked into Roll20, but once again, I'm not that computer literate, and creating the macros for SW & Shaintar seems very daunting to me.

I appreciate any and all help, advice or assistance.
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