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Thank You So Much For 60 Members!~ (59 Ik)

There Will Soon Be An Event, So Stay Pumped For That! And, This Commumity Has Grown So Much, Im Happy That It Isnt Dead! Thank You.

P.S~ I Might Be Assigning More Mods.

~Fallen Angel, Your Owner.

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"Life is like a game choose the right path you move to the next level choose the wrong path well, death awaits."

"Life isn't sweet that's why everyone wants sweet things.

"If you're going to fall in love don't think it as a perfect love story. Because nothing is perfect in life. That's why mistakes are made."

~Name~Akemi Matsuko

~Age~ 16

~Height~ 4'1/3

~Weight~ 70

~Hair Length~Waist

~Species~ Human

~Siblings?~ None

~Appearance~ Akemi has waist-length Carmel hair she also has vivid neon green eyes. Her skin tone is mostly pale but has a few hints of peach.

{Family Status}

~Mother~Touka Matsuko

~Age~ 38


~Cause~ Burned

~Akemi's Age~ 10

~Father~ Shinji Matsuko

~Age~ 40


~Akemi's Age~ 10

~Cause~ Burned

~Step Mother~ Hanamaru Sai

~Age~ 30


~Step Father~ Ganseo Sai

~Age~ 38


~GrandMother~ Hanji Matsuko

~Age~ 49


~Grandfather~ Geiko Matsuko

~Age~ 52



•Being Alone


•Listening to music



•Crowded with people

•Being forced to be with someone

•Noisy Places

•When she isn't allowed her freedom


Akemi is a bit of a short tempered female but overall she is fun to hang out with. Akemi is short tempered, happy, wise, and her main trait is bravery. Most of her friends are how do you say... Weak. They often get bullied and Akemi usual helps defend them boys cower and hide to the sight of her and she liked that of course. She is mostly a person that wants people to know she is tough despite her gender.


Akemi as said is a brave person she wouldn't let anything get in her way she wouldn't let anything hurt her. She is obviously a tomboy but she doesn't want to fall in love as she thought boys were jerks. But seeing that her friends and everyone else had boyfriends and they were receiving love made her jealous and she wanted to be alone and became less popular and eventually forgotten. She never knew the feeling of love due to the fact her parents had died when she was 10. That was 6 years ago. Her step parents show here love by hugging her and cooking her favorite foods but it upsets her then trying to be like her parents hurts her because reminding her of her parents reminds her of their fate which makes her feel as if it was her fault that her mother and father die therefore makes her loath herself.
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Name: Katrina Jarrings.

Age: 15.

Gender: Female.

Species: Hybrid/Neko.

Personality: Stubborn, Emotionally Unstable, Nervous, And Bipolar.

Looks: Long Silky Blueish And Black Hair With Some Green, Bright Yellow Eyes, A Pastel Yellow Oversized Sweater, Pastel Blue Slim Jeans, And Black High Top Converse.

Bio: As A Child, She Was Sold Often Since She Was Born A Neko. Katrina Was Taken Away From Her Family, And She Spent 9 Years In Auctions. At Age 10, Katrina Worked In A Store For 2 Years. At Age 12, She Had Enough Money To Buy An Outfit, An Apartment, And Food. She Still Lives There Today.

Likes: The Sun Set, Hybrids, Books, And Food.

Dislikes: ×Unknown×


The Accidental Bump In~

Katrina Was Walking To School, But She Wasnt Focused Because She Had Her Eyes Glued To A Book. She Accidentally Bumped Into Y/N, Who Was Bit Angry At Her. Katrina Frowned, And Y/N...


×Be Semi-Descriptive×
×Any Gender Allowed, Male Prefered×
×This Can Be A Romance RP, But No Hentai×
×Character/OC Must Be 15 And Up×
×2+ Lines×
×No Text Talk×

If You Have Any Questions, Ask Away. Please Ask First. Please Link Your Profile Or Share It To Me Privately. Open Roleplay!~ If You Read All This, Say Neko.

P.S- I Can Do PP's, But No Hangouts. The Photo Below Is Katrina.

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Regan Joseph
✘ Street Dancing
✘ Baby animals
✘ Cooking; Even though he is very bad at it
✘ Disrepectful people
✘ Bullying
✘ Parrots
✘ Humorous
✘ Cold Exterior; Soft interior
✘ Outspoken
✘ Low-key nerd
Regan was one of those guys who everyone thought would go into football. Instead, he went into dancing… Street dancing. His mean demeanor is only a mask to hide the softie inside. He has a soft spot for baby animals since they are very adorable

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Anybody willing to do a fantasy/magic role play with Jynx? The rules are:
No text talk unless you're character is literally texting somebody else
No Mary Sure (No being OP)
You MAY have magic, but it is preferred you don't to keep the RP interesting
2+ lines (NO one liners)

Name: Crystella M.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Aliases:Purple dranzer
Species: Human

Alignment: Independent

Appearance: She has black curly hair with dark brown eyes. She always wears dark blazer with white shirt and black or blue jeans.

Personality: She is an introvert. She doesn't talk much but friendly. If someone needs help she doesn't hesitate to help.  She is kind with animals and nature. She spends her time with nature and literature. Whenever she gets angry it isn't easy for anyone to control her. Though she doesn't show her feelings to everyone. She doesn't have friends.  But everyone respects her. She is the topper of her class. She sometimes got trapped by despair but still she manages to win over despair. She is fond of music. She usually stays at a dark room listening music. She can't describe herself.. but she just loves to be herself.

She lives with her parents but in her own world where no-one can enter.

But she has only one best friend named Aro. Who is everything to her. She is happy inside her heart being with Aro. But for the outer world she is an introvert.

Likes: Nature… animals and birds.. music… literature… writing..  reading… internet surfing and her best friend.

Dislikes: people who disturbs other people and animals.. who insult others… unnecessary rules…

Background: She belongs to a good and rich family. From childhood she wasn't demmandy. Her parents love her but can't understand her so from childhood she spends time alone. Fromm elementry school she became the topper of her class. But her family never seemed to take it enough. They always told her to study more… nobody in the family had Cared about her feelings. So she usually talks with. Non-living things and nature. From childhood she had her pets. Once she met a very kind boy named Aro. M. Who became her best friend. From that day she started talking. She only talks freely with Aro. Her days were filed with depression before Aro’s arrival. Aro tried to take her out of depression. But she lived in the dark tunnels of her dark...despair thoughts. 

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It was afternoon. I was walking on my way home after being caught up on a fight with some strangers. Scratches and bruises are visible on my face. I didn't care less. body ache is starting to get on me and decided to take a rest on a nearby park. i sat on a swing, touching the swollen parts of my face. I stared to the sky thinking of the past, when everything else were ok. when i still have my family, my friends. someone who cares for me. Today, i feel like i have nothing..i feel empty, i feel alone.

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Full name Azraq
Usual name-
Age- 19
Species- Human
Personality- Laid Back
Gender- Male
Sexuality- straight
Description on looks- White Hair, Lean Body
Likes- Rain, Clouds, Autumn, Cheese, Dark Clothes
Dislikes- Hot Weather, pickles, Annoying laugh
Occupancy- none at the moment

Bio- Azraq is a laid back type of person who seem to doesn't care that much to the people around him. He is headstrong, but has a dark mysterious past which keeps him distant to other people. He doesn't have many friends, and he only chooses a few to keep his secrets. His anger gets the best of him sometimes.

Introvert? not really, He just don't talk unless they have something to say. and they hate small talks. But if he really likes a person's company, then he is willing to open up to them.

He deals with his anger by giving in to his temper which has given way to start fights to either friend or a foe. He needs someone to help him manage his temper.

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Name: Ruben Hawthorn
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual (needs an emotional connection to sexualise the person)
Height: 5'8
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue/green
Likes: Sweets, films, cooking, reading, art.
Dislikes: Being alone, obnoxious people, spicy food, hot weather.
Bio: Ruben has always followed his older brother, his brother being more manly and aggressive (forward) of the two of them. However, now that he's off with a wife and child Ruben doesn't know what to do, he is lost and just doing what he has to do to live. Eat, sleep and work.
He has a talent for cooking and loves to do it, but feels downtrodden when only he eats. He tries to keep to himself because if the wrong buttons get pushed he can become "unapproachable" as his brother used to put it.
Ruben needed a job badly. Anything would do, he'd be overjoyed if it was something with other people- waiter, assistant, live in house keeper, anything.
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Name: Shizuo Heiwajima
Age : 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay af
Likes: Depends
Dislikes: Depends
Bio: none
Looks: Picture below
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