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So I got bored and all my friends are doing this so here....

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Here are the events that just took place in my gta online session.

1st: When I went to go get my motorcycle from the cops, my character just stopped movi bf completely and started pole dancing like a stripper in the game.
2nd: When my character fonnaly stopped, I got teleported to the airport with all the rest of thw players in the session.... first instinct was to kill everyone....
3rd: Some random player picked me up and brought me to a ufo
4th: now me, my friend and this random player are riding around killing other players...

This is how friendships are made...

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Ok so this post is for anyone who is in choir. Whish one does your teacher say to sing with?
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Chest Voice
Head Voice
Other (Comment Please)

My mom asked me if amazingphil was gay or straight and I responded 'what do you think he is?' And she said gay

1st day at my new school...

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I died when I saw this 😂

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Dan touched by the way, I am a beautiful person.

Im moving in 2 weeks and my entire room is almost completely packed up. My parents dont even know where we are going...
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