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i forgot to post this here lol

this is not sonamy stuff btw... its why i wrote Sonic and Amy, not sonamy

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ey i got somethin' for ya 


Entertale Page 1 Chapter 1

PS: there's only goin to be two chapters

my watermarks are everywhere, suble but impossible to remove lol

to srt off since im new bhere i might as well link you guys to fanfics i've made

The legend of Yumi: Sonic the Hedgehog:

TLoY:StH OVA 1 (Sonic and the Dark Knight retale):

im also doing a comic (curretly put on  hold) calld Broken Seal:

Chapter 4: New friends
"Chaos Control!" Exclaimed Knuckles
"Where the (beep) are we?" Asked Cream
"I think we're in mushroom hill zone." Replied Silver
"Yeah. Now let's go find those three." Knuckles said grimly

(At Tails' Workshop)
"Tails, we need more food!" Shouted Blaze
"Then go scavenge for some!" Answered Tails
"I'll come with you." Shadow said as he grabbed her hand.
She blushed and they walked outside
(A few minutes later)
"It's good that there aren't really any zombies around here, huh." Blaze said.
"Yeah, it's even like the apocalypse never happened." Replied Shadow
"More like just peaceful, after Sonic died everyone has just felt..." Blaze trailed off
"I understand what you mean, many of us looked up to him as a hero, friend, adult-figure, brother, or even enemy at times. He's gone now Blaze you have to get over it, and you know there will be more grief in your life so you should start trying to get over it now." Explained Shadow
"Yeah... I know."
"Sorry if I was too aggressive."
"No it's okay."
"Yeah Shad?"
"Never mind we should get back to the lab."

(Back at Mushroom Hill Zone)
"Any ideas where they are?" Silver asked timidly
"Well knowing them Espio is probably scouting the area while being invisible." Replied Knuckles
"You got that right" said a voice from behind Cream
"What the (beeping) (beep) are you doing (beeping) sneaking up on us!?!" Screamed Cream
Espio turned off his invisible ability
"I had to make sure you guys weren't zombies." Replied Espio in a calm voice.
"If you're here then where are Ray and Mighty?" Asked Silver
Espio then pointed to the trees above.
"You guys can come down now." Yelled Espio
"Finally! It's so boring up there!" Exclaimed Mighty
"I...I..Personally..... like...... It up......there." Said Ray very timidly
"Knuckles teleport us back to Tails' workshop!" Whined Silver
"Fine. knuckles agreed "Everybody linked together?"
Everyone said yeah.
"Chaos Control!" Exclaimed Knuckles

Thanks dude :)

Thanks for the invite Sonic Stop Motion

Chapter 9: Wake Up!

Grovyle ran as fast as he could away form the sight of the execution, he held Ash close, wondering what could be keeping her like this...

Meanwhile in Ash's mind..

Grovyle and Lector were at each other's throats, one attack after the other, it's like they were the same. Dusclops had to deal with all the other sableye minons from hurting get Ash, but one got away, he came by Ash he reached his Fury Swipes,then a blood curdling scream was heard. Everyone looked to see he was using Fury Swipes on Ash. Grovyle wasted no time, he jumped into action and used Bullet Seed on him, when he got to Ash she had three claw marks on her cheek. The rope that held her to the tree was ripped up, but she was too weak to even try and break it. He wanted to kill that Sableye, he hurt her. Lector yelled retreat to get away after that sableye hit her, Duskclops went over to help ash, he held her in his arms, when grovyle was about to run off to find them Duskclops stopped him

"Out of the way Duskclops! I have to get them back for this! They hurt her!"

"Which is why we should stop and take care of her. You know as well as I do, she matters more then they do." Grovyle looks at Ash in the arms of Duskclops, he takes a sigh of defeat

"Your right. I promised to care for her, and well I just feel like I let her down...come on, let's make some camp."

They go off taking shifts finding any broken wood to make a fire to warm themselves up. They make a very small fire, Ash is fast asleep laying on Grovyle a leg while he rest on a tree Duskclops kept the fire alive. Grovyle looks down at Ash, he sighs, he felt like he failed to protect her, they caught her they hurt her, and yet he was never happier. Maybe he finally understood how much she meant to him. She slowly started to wake up.

"Huh...wha..what cheek hurts..." She rubbed her check and felt the wound, she tried to see what it was she looked up to Grovyle

"The sableye did this, but it was my fault. I ran without you and they caught you...I'm so sorry Ash...I never meant for any of this..."

"It's ok saved me from worse maybe...."

"But I shouldn't have ever let you get hurt at all..."

"Grovyle it was just a mistake. Stop thinking that you hurt me, I'm fine."


"But nothing. You would do anything to save me...and you did." Grovyle smiles warmly to Ash, she fell asleep into his arms.

Meanwhile with Grovyle

Grovyle shook her head, he was worried that if she can't wake up they can't get out of there. He tries to wake her up.

"Ash please... Wake up!" He hugs her tightly, she's not waking up, her breathing had become extremely soft, ghostlike. He sheds a tear, it lands near them, he doesn't want her to die, he couldn't live with himself because he failed at his job to protect her. He hugs her, he felt movement, she slowly fluttered her eyes opened, she moaned in pain.

" head... What happened... Groyvle....?" she looked up at him, he smiled, he gave her a hug.

"Ash! I'm so happy your awake....I thought...I thought I lost you...."

"Huh? What do you mean? Where are we...?"

"Dusknoir had hit you with an attack, you passed out, eventually I thought you had stopped breathing... We are in Primal Dialgas execution chambers, I escaped from being killed with you, but we're not safe yet, we need to escape. You up for it?"

"You know I am!" Ash gets up, her legs wobble from not being used in a long time. Grovyle puts his arm around her and she does with him, the start to pick up speed to find a place to escape.

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Well when i found the invite to this community, i just HAD to share a fanfic i'm writing currently, an entire collection devoted to it so please give it a read ^^
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