Ive been away too long. Primarily coz Im doing a masters. So wheres everyone playing these days? Ive got to get out

Open Call to all airsoft users... Www.airsoftusers.com. The site will grow slowly but surely. Join us please.

lo people thinking of trying to get out on the road more this year coming for some games , whats your fps over there as long way to go to be told your gun is to hot.

So I've been airsofting once, was completely taken in by it. I recently picked up a set of gear for myself after borrowing previously. G&G CM16, some extra mags, tac vest, face mask and set of camo gear. Very much looking forward getting out again, plan to try over the christmas break, will hopefully cross fire with a few of you guys on here.

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I don't know what picture we can use with a tagline. Me about tp panel someone with a shovel would be a good one I reckon.

:( I must recharge the Lipos!


This is great. I'll have to learn about this 'airsoft' business. Is this a new type of mattress?
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