I love that this is a thing! I recently wrote some quick notes on the steps my script would take, then realized idk where to start. Googled "Social Media Scripting" just for shits and found the article on Thinkinbig

1. Crawl Twitter + Instagram + Facebook for artists looking for beats
a. Search hashtags (IE "Send beats to")
b. Search keywords on feed (IE "Collab", etc...)

2. In those posts, search for specific keywords to help organize data (IE rappers looking for "...Type beat")

3. Create .csv or .txt file to store data

4. Send automated notification when done

5. Review data

6. Transfer data into SQL database

7. Create variables (genres, etc) to store sorted data

7. Create queries to run regularly

8. Send link to beat (preferably via backup social media accounts) based on artist request data

9. Send automated notification only for sending errors

Very interesting project. Is it still active?

Amazing Framework.. have you work on it recently? 

I am looking for examples of how to call the PS functions, is there some documentation on this?
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