Hey, Judd, help me out if at times it makes sense to engage the system and I miss the moment. Still very much getting used to running BW.

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What happens when you go up against a Man-O-War with 50 cannons on each broadside. 

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The ship Indomitable arrived at Porto Azzuro, unloading a rich cargo of spices and other exotic goods gathered during its eight months at sea. Merchants crowd the piazza, and trade flows like the waters that make up Porto Azzuro's lifeblood.

A dark cloud hangs over the city, however, as news arrive of the loss of the Reckless at sea with all hands and cargo. Reports vary as to how the ship was lost, and although most agree it was a freak storm, a few whisper mentions of the legendary Burning Sea. Whatever the case, the loss of the Reckless has left a hole in the coffers of the investors, who now count on the arrival of the third ship on the fleet, the Fearless, to turn a profit on the expedition.

Three nights after the arrival of the Indomitable, a lone messenger delivers a sealed scrollcase to Aldo Soranzo. Inside, a simple message requesting the young nobleman's presence at an address in a disreputable area of the floating city the very next evening to discuss a business proposition "that can give you wealth independent of your mother's fortune, and free of the bonds of civility and nobility, should that be your desire." The message is signed, 'Arlecchino.'

It is the fourth morning since the ship's arrival, and sunlight sparkles on the still waters of the lagoon like gems on a treasure trove. 

I need at least one Belief and Instinct for each Jacob and Aldo to start with. 

Hey, +Judd Karlman and +Mick Bradley, I'm in the mood for piracy and gaming, so I wanted to check if at this point you were up for this campaign? It'd be play-by-post (with maybe some bonus online face-to-face if at some point we could muster it).

Let me know.

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No copyright restrictions on these pictures of ships from the British Library...

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Pirate coins. 

I was under the impression that posts in this community were visible only to us three, but I realized that's not the case. Others cannot join without permission, but posts are public in our feeds. Not that it changes anything, but it was an "oh, I see" moment.

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A couple of things:

1. We'll wait for Judd to be married (YAY!) and more available before starting. We've waited most of this year, a couple more weeks won't be a problem. You guys are worth it.

2. Are you guys cool with every so often having an on-air session, as my erratic schedule, and yours, allows? I think it would be a nice change of pace and help move things along at times.

3. When you write Beliefs and Instincts, I would like at least one of them to be about the other person.
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