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#PMI-Agile #Certified Practitioner 
Exam Code- PMI-200

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#Projectmanagement softwares are beneficial for the organizations whose team is scattered across different parts of the globe. Read this article and know more  

A value stream map is a tool used to identify the:

A. Waste across the entire process.
B. Highest value product features.
C. Most valuable team interactions.
D. Most likely flow of project risks.

Answer: A

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Exam Name 
PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (#PMI-ACP)

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PMP Course 600 LE just in Cairo
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#CAPM Exam
Exam Name 
#Certified #Associate in #Project #Management(CAPM) Exam

Exam Code- PMI-100

Can anyone let me know ,which of the following role is responsible for defining and verifying user requirements and expectations in a #project

A Team Manager
B Senior User
C Executive
D Project Assurance

Which type of analysis is used to develop the communications management plan?

A. Product
B. Cost benefit
C. Stakeholder
D. Research
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