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NEW RELEASE: The #nonfiction book "Who Are You? What is Your Faith? #America's 21st Century Alt-Right and #Catholic Social Doctrine" by HLP founder and Maltese-American Catholic author +Marcelle Bartolo-Abela. Available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon, directly from the publishers, and major booksellers.


"Impressive documentation of systematic discrimination since the foundation of America"

"Struck me emotionally to the core"

"Challenges American Christians to ask if the Gospel of #Trump is compatible with the Gospel of #Christ"

"Passionate book unafraid of controversy"

"Magnificently presents the bottom line of America's 21st century alt-right and Catholic Social Doctrine through empirical data"

"Provides a hard look at ourselves and awakens readers to draw out a decisive outcome of the future as a country and as #Catholics"

#humanrights #usa #leadership #books

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I am not sure of the exact rules on sharing, but I have a blog that sociologists and criminologists might find interesting. Many posts cater to students by presenting topics from unique or critical perspectives. There are also posts about APA style citation, and more.

I provided a link to my post about labeling theory, which initiated my love for all things criminology.

Please check it out and let me know how it can be improved/what you think.

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Assessment of #Water Shortage and its Implications to #Gender Role
This study was carried in Mvumi wards in Dodoma region, Tanzania. The study area was selected to represent semi-arid #biome as it experiences annual excessive drought.
For More:

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Is your organization being sabotaged?

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Hi everyone! We run a social science blog from the Philippines and we write and share articles on everything social science. Please show us your support by liking our FB page. (Google+ page under contemplation). Thank you!

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Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis are designing a smartphone app that taps social media to assist caregivers providing help for people with Alzheimer’s disease. #Science #Technology #Health

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Is social interaction different in anonymous networks? The #freenet trust relationship data might prove useful:

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Social scientists and designers in the U.K. are developing a computer game to teach empathy and non-violence in family relationships. #Science #Technology #Health

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Social science skills are highly sought after in various industries!
Why Every Company Wants Anthropologists
After Government jobs, anthropologists outside academia are employed in large numbers by Microsoft. Other companies that employ anthropologists include Google and Adidas. "What customers want from a product and what companies think they want can be totally different, but it can take an anthropological lens to learn why."

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A valuable reference to help practising researchers not only to understand but also to apply innovative approaches to social work research.

Featuring extended case studies of actual research projects, the book provides an overview of a number of central features and qualities of social work research. It incorporates both distinctive methodological features, such as approaches to participatory inquiry, and provides accounts of researcher strategies to address particular challenges, such as carrying out studies with hard to reach populations. This book combines important methodological insights with pragmatic guidance on commonly experienced problems and how these challenges can be overcome.

This is a key resource for social work and social care students, social work practitioners and academics engaged in research.
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