Hey I'm new here can anyone tell me what to do?

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name: Ashlyn
age: 17
style: emo
likes: skating, playing guitar, listening to music and being alone
dislikes: girly girls
bio: she's a dark angel and her mother was a warrior so she dies when Ashlyn was 15. And then she lives with her dad and her bro 12 years old, and they always fight
bday: july 13
power: fire and darkness
sexuality: idk... let's say she's straight ;-;
personality: quiet, rarely sweet with some people
famous: minecraft youtuber but she won't tell people she has a channel :P
 crush: not yet (but I want that someone make someone who has a crush on her, or someone who she can have a crush)
best friends: virtual friends .-. 

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Name: Jack Harolds
Age : 17
Genger : Male
Birthday : 11. December
Famouse: Movie Editor and an acter (for Famouse high rp)
Power: Fire
Type: Secret
Sexuality : Straight
Personality : Nice, funny, sweet, cute, caring, kinda popular i guess
Likes: His friends, football, internett, soccer, and more
Dislikes : Mean ppl's,Derrick (Angel's ex) and more
BIO: He is a guy that many or some girl are in love with. He has lovely friends.
Family: Samantha Harolds and Molly (Jack found Molly in the forest )
S or T: Singel
Crush : None Of Your business!! (but he has one)
Best friends: TO MANY!!!

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Name: Dylan
Age: 17
Genger : Male
Birthday :? ??
Famouse: Singer ( for Famouse high rp )
Sings: Fall out boy
Likes: Everything nice
Dislikes : Everything mean
BIO : None Of Your business!
T or S: Singel
Crush : No one yet

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you see Shanti crying and Izzy getting mad
Izzy: Look here! I dont want to take this ugly but....LULU IS MINE PET!!!
Shanti: But.....she is mine.....you only found her outside did't finish
Izzy: And when i found her she had scars all over her....i'm wondering who did that?! Oh wait it was maybe you if you had her!!!
Shanti: I did't hurt her....she was just running away.....
Izzy: She runned away beacuse of you hurt her!
Shanti: looks at Kawaii Kawaii....plz come back home....
Izzy: Her name is Lulu!!!
Kawaii: is behinde Izzy
Shanti: Kawaii....
Izzy: growls and bites Shanti
Kawaii: hisses

Kawaii (criket)
Shanti (Short hair)
Izzy (dashund)
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Name: Light
Age: 16
Genger: Female
Birthday : 1 . september
Famouse: Singer
Likes: To mush
Dislikes : Mean ppl's
Crush : Nope
Singel or Taken : Singel
BIO : She Likes the light and the flowers! She really likes many things.
Power: Fire and sun/light
Family: Summer
Sings songs from: Taylor Swift
Favorite color: Orange

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you see Shanti like this......dead
(No one can heal her and it has to be a male)

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Name: Mia Rei
Age: 14 (and a half)
Gender: Female Shorthair 
Likes: Shopping, acting, art, hanging out with her friends, gymnastics
Dislikes: Not having a matching outfit, running, getting her paws dirty
Friends: She's new
Family: Her mom travels,and her dad is in a mental hospital, so she's under the care of her rich aunt
Bf/Gf: Single
Fav singer: She doesn't know
Fav colour: Pink
Fav song: Shut up and Dance
Fav subject: Drama
Fav book: Anything that helps her improve her drama skills
Fav movie: She has to many to name
Fav thing to do: Shoppping
Bio: Hey I'm Mia! If you like shopping, drama, and art, we'll get along great! I really hope I can make friends here (or maybe even a boyfriend!) who care about me!
A word to describe her: Fashionable
Powers: None, but she bears a family curse: a dark beast inside her comes in and out at will, and the only way to break the curse is to find a very valuable necklace...

Mia: walks through halls looking for locker
(Open rp)
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