This is excellent for an android app, especially on newer low latency Android 7.1 devices but why has there not been a single update since December 2014 (that's almost 3 years)? Surely there's tonnes of stuff that can be done to this to enhance this further?

iOS Version?

Congrats, Synprez is awesome

Hi all, im NestorJennyfer from Nicaragua, Central América

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This is very cool App. I'm useing a Lenovo 70-10 f tablet With Android 5.01. My Alesas Q49 midi controller works great. Including the sustain peddle.This app has the best latancy. It's very playable live. I've had a DX 7 and a DX80. This is it! I'll post some music when I get some recorded!

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A very simple/static representation of the 32 DX7 algorithms: of course cyan represents feedback, and lines a modulation relationship. There is no arrow because it is universally known that a modulator is always greater than its "modulee" ;)

This is written in 100 lines of Python, to be compared with 550 lines of Java for the Synprez embedded version (with the familiar block diagrams)
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A touch of multitimbrality

something annoying with the DX7 is the transition between patches: you usually get a weird electronic noise full of harmonics and with an unlikely output level. Fortunately this is just transient.

Here is an experimental new design where we can have several sound contexts bound to different channels. The sound context is made of the patch, the modulation context like the LFO wave, speed and phase etc.

You can notice in the sample that the SITAR ends while the HARP is taking over, and both instruments are played together. This is not really multitimbral because no more events are sent to the context of the previous patch, but this is a step forward!

merci pour l'ajout

Congratulations on your latest updates, use the Samsung Android was possible with OTG cable connected to MIDI interface is not only with USB cable. Still await the correction of the "key off" when using keyboard controller and sustain pedal. Again, congratulations on the application.
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