Hello :3

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mommy? .... i want a mommy sniffles

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Species: "I'm a cat. . ."

type of little:
((Can be both sub and dom.))

Mommy preferred:((Dom))

turn ons:
((Chain pulling, Dominate mommy.))

turn offs:
"Piss, poop, scat basically."

((Usually disobedient, doesn't follow the rules, sometimes very laid out.))

((Hissing at people.))

likes: ((Pizza, Phone, video games.))

dislikes: ((Rules, life, going to sleep when he's playing a game.))


Name: Odin
Age: 13
Type: neko
Mommys preferred traits: sweet kind loving
Likes: salmon pizza chicken playtime being called naughty boy
Dislikes: physical abuse (aside from digging nails into my back at playtime)
turn ons: my tail and ears being played with belly rubs yanking on my leash
Turn offs: toilet play pulling on my ears and tail being yelled at
Personality: shy
appearence: black hair along with jet black ears and tail semi-tanned skin red eyes around 5' 8" 93lbs.
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