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Name: Candy Crush
Age: 6 
Gender: Female 
Species: Unicorn
Physical appearance or picture: DOWN THAR 
Personality: Happy, bubbly, brave, good sense of humor (or she just laughs at every joke no matter what), brave, sweet, kind, generous, helpful, exciteable
Birthplace: Ponyville
Likes: Candy, sweet things, friends, parties
Dislikes: Enemies/bullies, ...and yeah that's pretty much it
Sample Roleplay: Do I have to do this again? You can just look at my other sign up or an example...
Pets: A cake Cookie (Yorkie puppy, also the second picture)
Feeling of adventure: She'd like to get her cutie mark while having fun if you know what I mean wink wink (JUST KIDDING. JUST. KIDDING. >.>)
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Name: Citrus Zest
Age: 7
Gender: male
Species: unicorn
Physical appearance: imagine him as a colt. Pls. Too lazy to draw colt-citrus.
Personality: perverted, imagine sanji, happy, actually quite polite, a bit thick
Birthplace: Baltimare
Likes: girls, friends, anime, manga, food, hanging out
Dislikes: turn-offs, boring stuff, writing
Sample: Citrus opened the fridge lazily.
"Dad, where are the oranges?" He said loudly, poking his head into the cool air. "Never mind." He mumbled, magic-ing an orange out of the fridge. "It's so hot..."
He levitated a knife off of the rack and a cutting board out of a cupboard, and began to slice the orange. His dad walked by, and smiled.
"Want some, dad?" Citrus asked, turning around, continuing to cut up the orange
"I'm fine son. Thanks, though."
"Alright." Citrus turned around and finished cutting the orange up.
He began to eat it, and soon finished the whole thing. He placed the knife and the board in the sink, and dumped the rind in the compost box.
"Why is summer so hot?" He complained.
Pets: a chinchilla named Clementine, accessorized with a tiny orange bow.
Feeling of adventure: he wants to find his mom, maybe get his cutie mark. But mostly he wants to find his mom.
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Name: Sweet Cherry
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Personality: Country, Tomboy (sometimes), Active
Likes/Dislikes:  Likes cherries, being outside, coloring dislikes bees, bad apples, worms, timber wolves
Birthplace: Applelossa
Sample: Sweet Cherry walks around the cherry workplace, she soon slips on and cherry and falls when a worker walks over to her and helps her up "Are you okay?" She sniffs "y-yea I'm fine...thanks for helping me up"
Pets:  A Pet Racoon named Elizabeth 
Feelings of Adventure: Curious and silly and funny and looking for her special cutie mark that's a far away in life or so she thinks 

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Name: Zap Blossom Apple
Age: 6
Gender: mare
Species: Earth
Personality: Funny, random, artistic, fast, strong, kind of shy
Birthplace: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres
Likes: friends, reading, drawing, running, helping with the farm, being active, animals.
Dislikes: being lazy, doing nothing, bullies, big cities, bossy parents.
Sample RP: A small filly squealed with joy as she raced up a hill, chasing after a very colorful butterfly," Butterfly, I'm it! I'm coming after you!", her voice echoed across the field, other fillies played nearby, watching her crazy antics as she chased the butterfly.
She heard a voice," Zap! We're leaving!" Zap stopped and turned around, her hair. Flying in different directions," Coming mother!" Before she left,Sh e turned around to the butterfly," I'll catch you one day!" And zoomed off, after her mother.

Pets: Hunter(Rottweiler)
Feeling of adventure: Running as fast as she can, drawing, reading, doing hard tasks. The very strong urge to find her cutie mark

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sits on a bench next to the schoolhouse and opens her lunch box as she starts eating her lunch

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Name:Sweet Lemon
Age: 5
Likes:Nice ponies,Rainbowdash
Dislikes:bullies,ponies who think they all that
Sample Roleplay: Lemon flies around and hits a tree and falls
Feeling of adventure:Find cutie mark and hopes Dashie takes her under her wing someday and be alike

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Name: Wishy Wings
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Place of birth: unknown (Living in Ponyville right now)

Likes: Friends, Fun, Butterflies, Pancakes and meeting new ponies.

Dislikes: Bullies, talking about her parents and getting into fights with her friends.

School: Ponyville, Schoolhouse

Fav. colour: Yellow and lightblue.
Fav. animal: Butterfly
Fav. food: Pancakes

Other stuff:  Loves to spend time in the park and is really sensetive.

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Moony crawled around crying because the big ponies bullied her she found a necklace and gasped.


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Name: Octavia Shimmer
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Physical appearance or picture: DOWN THAR
Personality: Shy (AND I MEAN REALLY SHY), kind, friendly, quiet, funny, klutzy, artistic, virtuoso, natural cook, gamer, speedy,  smart
Birthplace: Canterlot
Likes: Warmth, family, animals, presents, pink, light blue, flying, dresses, other girly things, TV, stuffed animals
Dislikes: Scissors, spiders, dirt, the cold, bullies
Sample Roleplay: A small little filly trots down the dirt road to school. She trots very slowly, and her legs are shaking. "New school...more bullies...more friends..." she mutters extremely quietly to herself. Her saddlebags are white with a light pink strap with a beautiful blue butterfly design. 
Pets: Roxy (papillon; dog), Crystal (red fox)
Feeling of adventure: She'd really like to get her cutie mark, so she has it and to prevent fillies and colts from bullying her anymore. As long as she doesn't get dirty.

Yes, my hair used to be an EXTREMELY light blonde, and my bangs were different. And I liked to go outside. ...and I always had my hair up in a ponytail.
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