I downloaded Dock'n Drive last night. It seemed to work well. Then this morning, the speedometer stayed at 0kmh. I can't find any documentation on the Dock'n Drive, either on useage or troubleshooting. I have an iPhone 6 on iOS 10. 

I have updated my OnePlus 3 to nougat 7.0 and the strange thing that happened after that was that whenever I placed a call through the shortcut, the call screen UI completely disappears and not even available in the background or notification bar. Not able to use it without this getting sorted. I can place calls but absolutely don't have any control after. I can't even end a call.
Some quick help is appreciated.
I have already tried changing "draw over other apps settings", have tried a complete flash. Just not working.

I don't have the actual dock - but am trying out the app as my car launcher, it looks great!
Although I appreciate the "It Can Wait" feature, I cant seem to find a way to disable - it shows as not active in setting but it does appear to be on.
My current solution is to remove the built in messaging system and add my current one to the shortcuts instead.
Is the built in system optimized for a driving environment (viewing) or should I just not worry about it?

using Nexus 6p and i keep losing the floating icon to return to ibolt. If I do a clean install and turn the icon on, it works. Then the next day it doesn't show up even though the setting for it is turned on. I also on the Pure Nexus Rom on android 7.0. Has anyone else experienced this?

I recently upgraded phone from Note 3 (uUSB) to Nexus 6P (USB-C). Can I order the charge cable separately to convert my dock? Thx.

Great app just one small thing to consider adding.
After you open an external app(video or music player etc.) and then exit the application, it doesn't automaticly close them together. I have to manually close all external apps.
Would it be possible to have them all exit together?

Keep up the good work!

Just received the latest S7 Edge update and I love it. There's a bunch of things in the update but the best is that they've turned on the FM radio of the phone. Now I can listen to FM broadcasts and not us any data. Everything was great until I plugged my phone into my iBolt. When I plug in the charging cable, I get a message displayed on my screen that says "Water has been detected in your charging port" blah blah blah. I thought, that's odd. How could there be water in there. I tried a Verizon charger and every thing seemed okay. When I got to work, I tried a regular USB cable and it also seemed to work okay. Got back in my car to head home and got the same error message.

I'm guessing the latest S7 update did something to change the way the iBolt dock cable is recognized. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Is there an updated cable I should be using?

Trying to figure out how to add additional sheets beyond the 5 that are there? anyone know how?

Recently I've been encountering a bug in which the Dock'n'Drive app can launch Google Maps, and I can give it a destination, but it then cannot open a data connection to actually plan the route. I discovered today that this seems to affect more than just navigation. I attempted to open a jabber chat connection using Xabber (latest version) while Dock'n'Drive (latest version) was running, on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 5.0, and I was unable to connect to the jabber server until I quit Xabber, quit Dock'n'Drive, and then relaunched Xabber.

So, it appears the current release of Dock'n'Drive is generally interfering with data connections by multiple applications.

When I use the Dock'n Drive app and tap the Navigation icon it brings up Google Maps. When I put in my addresses and tap the navigation arrow to start navigation it doesn't start the navigation process. If I launch Google Maps by itself without Dock'n Drive, navigation works fine. Is there a resolution for this?
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