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Welcome to Cyberlords 2080!
I hope you will join us and play, and help us build this community and its world. Have fun and respect others on this long journey in the city of futuristic Japan!

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1. Respect the Moderation Team and the owner especially.
2. Respect other players and have fun.
3. No godmodding and/or Power Gaming.
4. Character profiles MUST follow the template, but can have extra sections. You must follow the template or you will not be approved.
5. Be reasonable with roleplay and personnel dossiers. Skills and experience must be appropriate for character age.
6. Crossovers are allowed to an extent, we will moderate that. Ask us for permission to save yourselves time re editing everything.
7. No energy weapons.

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Basic Personnel Dossier Template

Extended Personnel Dossier Template


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Hello anyone here?

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Status: alive
Name:wave Connor
Age: 20
Gender: male
Height: 6'0" | 184 cm
Weight: 163 lbs | 74 kg
Hair Colour: purple
Eye Colour: left side red the other a scar
Faction: the shock squad force
Weapons: A Sniper Rifle, duel pistols, A sword,A army Knife, a 90mm machine gun, and a Shield
Armor: the GM Sniper Mega armor
Casual Clothing: first picture
Equipment & Features:
DP-K9 K9 Dog Pack
The backpack of the GM Sniper , it can detached and transform into a four-legged support unit (self-propelled artillery) that can mount the sniper rifle as its head. It is also known as "Hound", and despite having articulated joints, during the fight with Meijin, the K9 move around by hovering, possibly due to the urban terrain and stability reasons.
EXAM System
GM Sniper trump card, wave Connor does not activate it unless necessary. When the system is in use, the head camera will turn red.
Personality: a warrior with pride, type of badass, fearless and frustrated
Species: human
Sexual Preference: unknown
Biography: wave Connor is the commander of the shock squad forces. He is an expert strategies learning there move and abilities. His fight to show the world to understand and bringing peace. He's fast enough to dodge close range fire, and tough enough to survive an exploding ship wreck. He wears the GM sniper mega armor this suit is capable of stealth, super strength and enhanced durability. It has the strength to lift up to 100 tonnes and come with an on-bored intelligence system. However the suit is hardly flawless. It's been known to malfunction in life threatening ways and consume too much power too quickly. Leaving wave Connor helpless.
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Anyone here?

What type of group is this?

Open world?

Faction wars?

Event-run (story arcs are like the main way to participate )

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After the mission debrief, Regis retired to the lab. The other scientists were all gone now, only he liked to work this late at night but tonite his mind was elsewere. What in the holy fucks was that thing? Did he "hack" the Major just looking at her? Was that the plan of the Laughing Man? To put that thing inside of the base and hack it from within?

As the thoughs ran on his mind, he started developing an anti-reflexive, light absovent polimer to apply to Arthur´s armor and their uniforms. Better stick to the shadows. Rubberized soles on their boots made them more tractile, and diminish the noise in their steps. Constructing new mechadendrites with hacking tools on them. The layouts were on the holographic display. The work was coming together but he was sure worried about the thing they found on the lab.
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Sorry for not posting my character yesterday I'm still working on the bio but this is what he would look like

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Status: Alive

{Basic Information}

Quote(s): “What if a cyber brain could possibly generate its own ghost, create a soul all by itself? And if it did, just what would be the importance of being human then?”

Name: Motoko Kusanagi

Alias: Chroma

Nickname: Major "Macho"

Codename: The Major

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Cyborg

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Personality: Motoko has a very slapstick, vivacious, and sexy personality. She is a commanding presence when on assignment, but also trades insults with her troops. She also smiles frequently. She does, however, discuss seriously whether she is a "real" person with her second in command.
The Major always maintains her commanding presence and authority. Unlike other members of Section 7, The Major could best be described as a lone wolf, relying very little on outside help to accomplish her goals. Among the various members of Section 7, Kusanagi is usually the one Chief Murasaki singles out to accompany him on official and off the record business.
If Motoko ever sees combat machines begin showing signs of individuality and curiosity not benefitting the use of combat weapons, she starts having reservations about their use. She strictly believes combat machines should strictly listen to orders and focus on combat and not develop individuality.


Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Red

Complexion: Smooth white skin

Height: 168cm

Weight: 78kg

Physical Features: Lean and extremely voluptuous build

Casual Clothes: thigh-length boots, a strapless leotard with no trousers, and a leather jacket

Special Occasion Clothes:
For parties: White skirt, long white silk opera gloves, Black tights and Black Suedette Pointed Toe Heels.
For Official Business: Tan military officer's uniform with markings that denote her rank as a Major.

Armor: Black and grey tight-fitting combat suit.


Weapon: Seburo C26A, Seburo M5 and Combat Knife

Equipment: None


Augments: Posseses 16²/cm² skin tactile elements, meaning she has a greatly heightened sense of touch.

Prosthetics: Full body prosthetics.


Family: None, deceased

Faction: JGSDF (formerly), Section 7

Rank: Major

Occupation: Squad Leader and Field Commander of Public Security Section 7

Likes: Toying and flirting with men, relaxation, having fun, arcades, partying, Hacking other people, jokes, drinking and shooting ranges.

Dislikes: Traitors, terrorists, Murderers, rapists, stiff people, friends getting hurt, Knights of Sapient Purity.

Major Motoko Kusanagi born in Kyoto, 2052, grew up in a house in the Kyoto's cherry forest.
Growing up, from the age of 5, she met 2 brothers; the eldest brother Drake (deceased Section 7 Colonel) and youngest brother Simon (Prime Minister Takahashi). She clearly does not hide, even now, her close friendship with the Prime Minister but considering their differences in Rank, the two stay apart for less inconspicuous friendship.
The 3 grew up together like a family. While the youngest brother went on to study in politics, the Major and Colonel joined the JGSDF and rapidly rose in ranks. Their initial achievements stunned many in the military, as they showed perfect synchronisation and teamwork during combat, one that you don't see everyday, if ever. After being assigned together in JGSDF, the two served together in the same squad, Team Alpha.
In 2070, at the beginning of their career in the JGSDF, they were part of a very controversial Anti-Terrorist operation Red Crow. Their mission was to save a group of civilians and previous JGSDF squads held hostage almost a month, by an Anti-Cyborg terrorist group known as the Knights of the Sapient Purity. With the Colonel's tactical and strategical genius, and Major's incredible wits, the operation that no one could succeed in they accomplished, they wiped out the terrorists and save all civilians without any casualties. Due to their superb operation, they were promoted to higher ranks and assigned to their own squad, lead by Colonel Drake. This wouldn't be their last clash with the terrorists.
Further access to information including their team's accomplishments, is denied.
After 4 years in JGSDF, Chief Murasaki had them assigned to a newly formed Public Security Section 7, with Drake as the Squad Leader and Motoko as his second in command. Their squad was specifically assigned for Anti-Cyber crimes and Anti-Terrorist assignments and their accomplishments earned the two, a good reputation. Unfortunately, their success was short lived. In 2076, while flying on a private military transport from an important meeting, their plane crashed into the sea; Major Kusanagi along with Sinon and Prime Minister Takahashi were the only survivors, suffering mortal injuries.
Due to severity of her wounds, Major Kusanagi underwent cyberization and her body has been replaced with full body prosthetics. Unfortunately, based on medical and therapist reports, Major Kusanagi suffered a mental breakdown, after discovering Colonel Drake sacrificed his life to save her and the rest of the Squad, and often questioned her own origins, whether she really is a human and not an AI. At first her initial mental report greatly suggested her inability to serve or lead her squad but after a month of recovery, Major Kusanagi underwent a massive mental change and took over her dead comrade's role, becoming the new Squad Leader of Section 7. Without hesitation she and the rest of the Section 7 attended Drake's funeral, and that was the first and last time, that the Squad saw her cry. Since then, she seems to never mention or want to speak about him with anyone, even with her second in command. However, Major Kusanagi, just like the Prime Minister always visit Drake's grave on the anniversary of his death, often even outside the date.
She and her squad are often sent on operations against terrorists and cyber based crimes.

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Status: Alive

{Basic Information}

Quote(s): The right tool for the job?

Name: Regis Wolfisberg

Alias: Toolmaker

Nickname: Humanoid Octopus

Codename: Toolmaker

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Species: Cyborg

Sexual Preference: Anything that is interesting...

Personality: Curious, adventurous, likes to pretend like he is a kind old man


Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue, uses red lenses

Complexion: Fair

Height: 1,78

Weight: 70 Kgs

Body Build: Slim but toned body.

Casual Clothes: Red Robe with a hood.

Special Occasion Clothes: (Optional)

Armor: Reinforced anti-balistic plates



Weapon: 6 Tentacle-like mechadendrites with 2 Seburo C26A´s atached too 2 of them, have plasma cutters(to cut metal) and 2 have mounted on mechadendrites/tentacles controled by cybernetic linkage

Equipment: (Required/ Optional)


Augments: Full cybernetic body with multiple mechadendrites attached to it, sensors and precision tools inside of the fingers(stored inside the hands)

Prosthetics: Full body, the hands are full of tools to make and fix

Equipament. Eyes have sensors and scanners on them. Power generator on the stomach, extra memory coils on the chest.


Family: (Optional)

Faction: Section 7

Rank:Sergeant First Class

Occupation: Research and development of equipment.

Likes:working machines, theatrics

Dislikes: malfunctions

Background: Regis was born in England as the child of the Japanese ambassador and a member of the British diplomatic body. He grew up with other kids on similar situation but never had steady friends because of his father traveling all the time, so he dedicated to building new friends, building his first robots and wrighting basic code for them at an young age.

When he was 14 his mother died on an accident and his father got disabled, retired from active duty and moved back to Japan, were he got a job as a executive bureaucrate for the government. That gave Regis the best schools and tutors to study under. With their guidance he showed himself to be a genius in engineering, building many small upgrades for the new cybernetic bodies that Cybertech builded and now were in the open and that were coming up on the market.

As he got better and better at it, soon he got recruited by the military to develop experimental equipment and upgrades for their new tachikoma project, working on it made him known to Section 7 and soon he got drafted into it.

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Shinichi Murasaki

While by blood he is American, Chief Murasaki was born and always lived in Japan. While his past as such is unknown, After his retirement from the military, he was assigned to a new project as the chief, and chose top candidates as members of a new organisation called Section 7. While sometimes he can be strict, he is often seen as a fatherly figure by the team, and his Nickname amongst the Section 7 is "Big Boss".
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