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A message to anyone who wants to make a Mage OC:
There are three types of magic, described in detail in the About section, and they are Evocation, Enchantment, Shamanic. Please specify one of these three.

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Please join me and friend did a lot of work on it I did the typing he created it and modified it

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Walks around the small town looking around trying not to look others for to long

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walks to a temple outside of the forest looking for a wanted man, with my best hound. where is he looks at me hound smelling the air [open rp]

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I have pictures of gold 's [water, lava, metal], angle, elf knight, a warrior for higher, phantom, warrior queen, warrior king, witch, death knight, Evoker, mystic knight, weapon master, lizard man their for your fantasy community 
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Here are some profile pictures:
We have two demons, a harpy, two elves, an orc, and two humans.
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I have an idea for yet another community, but I need a user poll to see how effective it will be.
How many of you are are fans of one of the following:
A. Harry Potter
B. Percy Jackson (and other affiliated series)
C. Mortal Instruments
D. Hunger Games
E. Divergent
Please comment if you're in any of these fandoms, or add another fandom you'd like to see. (Does not have to be book-related.)

Araniel walks through Sorrowsworn Vale, after having seen a vision of lost men and women here, ones who might change the tide of the war.

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Name: Akira rainfey
Age: 19
Race: high elf
Build Type: Enchantment Mage and archer
Organization: none
Faction: none
Skills: Archery, Hunting, Sorcery 
Languages: Elven and English
Equipment: bow and arrows, spell book, whip, and small hunting knife
Personality: shes shy but will stand and fight if need be she is caring and often sings (some of her songs have magic effects such as healing and magic)
Bio: once a princess she ran away from home not wanting to comenet to her royal dutys perfering to be free hunting and exploring the world
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