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Thanks to @LaumesTapke, @KrisTaiyo and @Naraxer, now Dobby is free)

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Gegužės 6 dieną MD Prahoje

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123 + 456 + 78 + 9 = 666

"Big things have small beginnings"
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3 metus ingrese))
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Kauno shard sėkmingai išsiųstas tolimesnei kelionei. Ačiū Vilniaus ir Latvijos ekiopažams už pagalbą Kaune. Ačiū Klaipėdai ir Latvijai už pagalbą pajūryje.
What can you do with 8 R8, 1 SBUL, 1 Key?

Send Shard #12 676km.

But in order to do that you need 8 >L8 agents to put resonators on, agents to protect the portal, agents to clean the whole path, agents to keep the path clean, agents to plan everything, agents to do intel. We can do anything together. Together we are strong. Together we will win.

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Vidur mėlyno prūdo žalias linkas plūdur
45 fields of over 800k MUs (new local record) and 13 fields of over 300k MUs.
Total MUs taken through checkpoint 40M (new local record).

The year 2016 was successful for #ResistanceLT. As most of the planned fielding was achieved, we needed a new challenge. In the end of 2016 the plan was made to cover most of Lithuania under 50 fields of blue. Selecting anchors for the operation was not difficult as we had several initiative RES agents in Visaginas and Mažeikiai. The obvious choice for the third anchor was Druskininkai. However, selection of the city presented RES with one of the challenges. There was an active ENL agent in Druskininkai and we needed a substantial numerical advantage of RES agents to keep all anchors of the operation blue. We resolved this potential issue by choosing anchors in the open-air museum, which is closed at night. The solution came at a price, which will be mentioned later.

After some consultation with agents from Visaginas we scaled the plan down to 47 fields due to various reasons. The key gathering phase started. It took a relatively short time. Meanwhile, we were discussing possible dates of the operation. Simultaneously, recruitment of participating agents took place in Kaunas, Vilnius, Jonava, Mažeikiai and Visaginas. When most of them confirmed their participation, 21-01-2017 was confirmed as the operation date.

In order to complete the operation we identified the following challenges:
- Not attracting attention to anchors in Druskininkai;
- Securing open link corridor near Vilnius;
- Securing open link corridor near Šiauliai.

The said obstacles were tackled by recharging over 50 portals in Druskininkai in order to disguise the 12 ones that really mattered. It took over 10M XM to recharge all of them from the day of key gathering to the operation day. We have secured the open link corridor in Vilnius by directing additional agents from other cities to assist the local RES colleagues. Securing open link corridors near Šiauliai took next to no effort because we encountered no resistance there.

We added Plan B to our operation during the last week of preparation. It was 13 layers over Vilnius, which represented approximately 4M MUs.

All agents moved to their positions on the operation day. Clearing of the cross-links went well in most areas. We encountered minor resistance from solo agent @Baronija, who was coincidentally guard-hunting near Visaginas and from several active agents in Vilnius. Their opposition delayed the planned fielding but RES readjusted themselves to the situation and the first field was created. It was larger than estimated and that boosted the morale of all the participants. Our fielding started with some premature links. Due to this reason, some alterations in linking sequence were made and the fields kept on coming. The link needed for Plan B was created with delay, so Team Vilnius had some spare time to enjoy Šalčininkai.

There were 2 fields lost: 1 due to an error in key transfer and 1 due to the inaccessible anchor.

Total result: 45 fields of over 800k MUs and 13 fields of over 300k MUs.
Total MU taken through checkpoint 40M+ MUs

If our archive data is correct, there were two records set during the operation: the largest ever single field created with all 3 anchors inside Lithuania (849,461 MUs) and the biggest number of MUs carried through the checkpoint.

Participants: @SeletonXC @TevukoDalgis @Sidabriukas @Solesita @Chateux @Pazhystama @Monstras77 @Spaudikas @wytas @KickTheBUCKET @FenXas @vakariene @AgotaGrigLTU @Traputis @Widacka @Nwwkas @Iceever @Wytka @Exonn @DzeimsasLT @Roobis @PilypasLT @TemideLT @Sawazz007 @malc01mm @i8an @Lessika @XuanoPedroXV @VackaLT @Erylicious @Vejopuciodukra @AleksandrasKafa @Naamarie @Grybas88 @Xestobium @Alfux @Likenietis @INeedMoreTime @mommyblues @funnyte @rolis999 @razira

#RESWUEisAwesome #IntelIsNotACrime #Ingress #OPS #Sitrep

+Ingress +Niantic +NIA Ops +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN

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Sukūrys susiurbęs visus (čiūrikas) Kauno portalus
Ingress Cross-Faction field art report for operation: Atomic Sun

All Kaunas' RES and ENL agents united themselves to link every portal of our city (count: 1073) into a beautiful Star. Six sectors - six colors! Was awesome and so much fun! :)

Seeing so many of our fellow agents create such wonderful works of #fieldart, a bunch of Kaunas agents decided to get themselves organized and create their own design. In early days of December, a contact group from RES joined the ENL leaders chat to develop the idea of the cross-faction Art and to brainstorm about what the Art should look like, and when it’s best to do it.

December 9, 2016
A 2x2 cross-faction committee was established where Resistance community was represented by @TevukoDalgis and @Solesita joined by Enlightened representatives @makaronas and @narnaliai.

Since it was the first big cross-faction art operation in Kaunas, it was agreed that both factions will contribute to the plan equally splitting the implementation of the project 50/50. The plan details were polished one by one, each faction having their own discussions in separate chats, every step discussed among community members and through representatives - so that no faction members were left disappointed. Later on, a more open cross-faction chat dedicated to the project was established, and was left available for any agents who wanted to participate in the action. It wasn’t easy to agree on all the details at once, the planning stage was full of heated discussions mixed with untold grievances, disagreements filled with cross-faction trolling and sarcastic comments and agents removing themselves from the chat group just to be added back to the group by fellow agents.

December 12, 2016
Finally the “we can do it” attitude won against all arguments and the plan was brought to flesh with an actual image of how it should look like. The idea was to link every (yes, EVERY) portal within the city and it’s close vicinity to one center (or to state exactly - to the 6 vertices close to each other). Once the vertex portals were decided, other numbers emerged - 2 factions; 6 sectors (3 green and 3 blue); 1073 links and…. 1073 keys had to be collected.

And so the the preparations began. Almost 3 weeks prior to the event agents began farming the vertex portals for keys. Again it was agreed that the farm shouldn’t benefit just one faction, therefore portals could be neutralised and built again as long as the agent leaves at least RHS mods on key portals. Let’s give a round of applause for agents @wytas(RES), @FenXas(RES), @jgc314(ENL) who gathered most of the keys.

December 27-29, 2016
As the art day got closer it was time to start cleaning the sectors. More and more agents got involved and the order was given out: “No shields, no force amps, no turrets, no links!”. All hands were on deck… except for those few standalone agents on both sides who chose not to be involved in the out-of-game chat groups. To prevent the linking a side plan was proposed - to put the whole city under the field. Again discussions happened and a consensus reached - two fields will be created, one for each side. Both factions cooperated to build the fields and… few members from both factions made sure they don’t last. Thus during the last couple days, protective fields over the city were falling down and raising up... The cooperation was great and greater focus was placed to the in-game comm chat so that each and every agent is informed.

December 29, 2016
Finally, the big day dawned, as one protective field still was hanging over the city. All available agents confirmed their presence, car crews and field agents were assigned.@19:00 RES and ENL agents gathered to Kaunas Independence Square where the vertex portals are located. Sectors were assigned and key exchange took place.@19:30 car teams started moving towards the outermost portals within their sectors.@20:10 vertex portals were immunized, built up, shielded and ready for links.@20:15 the last field came down and slowly the blue and green links emerged from the blackness of the intel map. Special thanks goes to @wytas and @Baronija for coordinating agents on the ground and motivating us to create “one more link”!

In the end, we overcame the remaining portals and links from feral agents and completed our field art in under 3 hours. A total of 1048 links were created (RES - 483, ENL - 565)! The completed Atomic Sun Art was celebrated with a cross-faction sip of sparkling wine in the same square where everything had started. Agents congratulated each other celebrating the achievement - “We did it!”.

This was the first cross-faction art event in Kaunas, and many valuable lessons were learned. It was absolutely amazing how well everything came together. The location chosen for the art was ideal, covering all the portals in the city (with very few exceptions guarded by dogs and armed night-patrol). Though some of the sectors required driving through the busy parts of the city, we all managed to get back in time.

The success of our art project proved that great teamwork can overcome any oversight in planning. During those several hours - there were no ENL or RES agents anymore. Only the city - and us. 6 sectors to conquer - 12 teams to manage - no factions, no quarrels. We are extremely thankful to all the involved agents for their participation and time invested in bringing this project to life. It was a pleasure to meet other agents in person (some of them for the first time), and to work together towards the common goal. No need to mention that we are looking forward to more cross-faction projects in the future!

Check out the video to see our plan executed in motion. A special thanks to @KickTheBucket and @Spaudikas for taking the screenshots and turning them to a pleasant view.

Agents in star linking action:



+Ingress +Niantic +NIA Ops +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN   

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Andrew Krug +John Hanke 

#Ingress #OPS #Sitrep #Starburst #RESWUEisAwesome
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