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I just downloaded the app and this application will not open I have uninstalled and then reinstalled and it still has the same problem

Hi Anton 😀!
Firstly, I hope it's ok to use this as a means of advising you and/or getting help wirh an issue I seem to have running vuKNOB under Android, on my phone.

Please be aware that my issue may only be me doing something stupid at my end.....🤔! Lol!

Anyway, here goes:

Phone: Moto G4
Running under: Android 7.0
Issue: On running vuKNOB, my screen turns white, with a yellow title bar, (I think?), and displays a message:

Parsing UI file
Device: Athene, frequency: 48000, buffer: 240

This stays on for about 2-3 seconds, and then goes off, returning me back to my phone's main screen.

Please help as I would so like to have it up and running on my phone - I've searched for DAW's on Android and tested what I've found so far.....but none of them have all I need. I accidentally found vuKNOB a couple of days back, and the description seems to match my spec for audio software, but so far, as I say, I cant get it running....☹️.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance!


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A new release of vuKNOB! Now the user can customize a scale for JAM instead of just selecting from pre-configured scales!

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I have released a companion app to vuKNOB called vuKNOBnet! Using this app multiple users on the same local network can work together on the same vuKNOB project and JAM! Get it while it's hot!

Hi folks!

I am working on a new release of vuKNOB, is there anything in particular that you would like to see in a future release? Let me know! :-)

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A new release - mainly a new logo and icon, but also some bug fixes.

The vuKNOB logo is changing, I hope you like it!

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A long missing feature - undo - has been added to the note editor.
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