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Anyone wanna RP?
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Alright so as we know this is not popular anyone have any ideas on how we can make this popular
We could invite someone like underfell papyrus or flower chara but from my history with then they sorta spam with reshare posts and random stuff I do have a person I can count one sonic fast gamer so worth a shot I guess

I experimented with the owner and tested out the New Ask to join feature, this is to prevent Someone people from joining just to spam.

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Sans:come on kid get outta there. Frisk: nope °ω°

using Dragon OC along with Umbrella and US Pap

Wind Beast is flying in Snowdin and Is very fast, A NEMESIS Jet is Trying to fire Projectiles at The Beast, the beast ,while flying, Breathes out ICE and freezes the jet, the jet crashes in snowdin's entrance, creating a large explosion, Alerting: Fallen(+Scourge),frisk (+friskyfriskisfrisk)

(Open RP) //Ask in comments to join//

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I know it's late at night but I'm boreds and stuff and wanted to ask if I may be frisk please.

Hey, Scourage, you done with the Photos In your profile?

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I have got an rp page for ppl who are really bored and are night owls and stay up late hungry for role play I'm on a lot if you wanna rp!!!

Can I be Sans?

I can't find a good pic for the community, Mind helping me out? XD
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