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Lost of cell cell phone is ordinary. This video Explains how easily you can control your android cell phone and find if misplace or loss due to theft.
How To Find Lost Android Phone
There's not shortage of apps or gadgets available to track your phone or a lost item, but they aren't much help if you discover them after the fact. Android Device Manager displays your phone's location on a map and allows you to remotely lock, alarm and wipe it's memory to protect your data if it's been stolen. Andy shows you the simple steps to follow to check that the features are activated on your phone.
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How To Capture Someone's Picture if he Tries to Unlock Your Mobile | Teknowledge

We left our phone unattended due to various reasons like charging, Misplace, etc. Someone might try guess password. There is app for this which can do a job for you. This video explains How To Capture Someone's Picture if he Tries to Unlock Your Mobile.

This android app takes picture of intrude and gives "unlock alert" to owner.

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Most of the time we get call from unknown number. we are always excited to know who is calling and starts looking for mobile number directory so that we can find who is calling or whose number is this.
This video explains how to find who is calling me using online mobile number directory in hindi.

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How to get wifi password of neighbors
Wifi internet access has become must today with rising data demand.
This video tells how to get wifi password of neighbors and that too legally. You can connect at free by knowing wifi password of your neighbors with this app.
This is not a wifi password hacker or cracker but gives you wifi password at free and legally
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