This place is real dead. If you all want, I could post a rp community based on something other then mario?

Hello people! I am back from the dead.

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(Open rp)

Chapter 1: "A tired damsel in distress"

It was the day of the forced marriage to bowser, Peach was distraught in silence as she went down the isle in bowser's playhouse. She didn't say a word as she was, just quiet. Her eyes fixated on walking as the song "Here comes the bride"plays.

Bowser made a smile looking at Peach, as she was still walking her face shadowed by her blonde hair. Her tiara standing upon her head, holding a bouquet of pirhanna plants. The cherry blossoms fell as she walked down her heels clacked,the koopalings sitting and watching.

Bowser then offered his giant hand, out to peach. She growled under her breath shoving it away. Peach began to stand in front of the pastor and Bowser, her tears falling. The pastor continued with the wedding, explaining of how the usual should go.

Pastor: "Do you King Koopa Bowser take Princess Toadstool Peach, as your lawfully wedded wife."

Bowser looked at Peach with a smile on his, Peach didnt show emotion, as she held her bouquet the white veil covering her face she then just listened.

Bowser: "I do."

The pastor turned to Peach, as he held his ancient book. Peach didn't say anything as she just looked at the pastor with deep anger. Pastor became a little scared, as he shook contining the ceremony.

Pastor: "Do you Princess Toadstool Peach take Bowser as you're lawfully wedded husband."

Her eyes looked up, the grip tightened on the bouquet. Peach then grudgingly said yes in her tone of anger in the ceremony. As the pastor pronounces them as Husband and wife.

Pastor: "You may now kiss the bride."

Bowser smiles blushing as he lifted up Peach's white veil as he went in for the kiss, her anger grew as she wanted to get married to Mario. She punched his jaw, as she had an angry look on her face.

"I object! To this unwanted marriage!"

Bowser then falls down, holding his jaw as he growled. As Peach dropped her bouquet crushing it with her white heel. She then begin to run off holding her silky dress, towards the escape route.

Bowser: "After her!"

He pointed his giant claw at Peach as the koopa troopas came in starting to set traps around every route she went. She was trapped and suddenly Y/N grabbed her out of nowhere, she was lifted up by some kind of force.


Peach, held down her dress not wanting to show. As Y/N and Peach escaped from the forced marriage, as they flew over towards the soft green grass Y/N then...


1. Ask first
2. If you want a pp just type "Mario" or ask for one
3. Don't need to be descriptive just rp how you like.

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thank you to invite me i Estellefan1995 rosalie for short Estelle
My pokemon is sylveon
my others forms is:Snivy form,Temari form also Blaze form.
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U guys are gonna love this...
best song of Mario's hole history!!!

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thank to invite me i Temarifan1995 rosalie for short Temari
other form:Blaze recolor in whit and yellow,snivy recolor in light pink,and Nintalesform(nomarl,animé,shiny,alola and mega-evovle).
my other comptes is Blazefan1995 rosalie and snivyfan1995 rosalie,estellefan1995 rosalie).
Nice to meet you all.
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thank to invite me i blazefan1995 and i whit ariel(my childhood friend) and Blaze(us idole) we are team firecats nice to meet you all.
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thank to invite me i snivyfan1995 rosalie but can call me snivy if you whant and nice to meet you all. Also i a femele Snivy and a princess and my parnter is pikachu,charmander and axew
team name team reptiles and team firecats.

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