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"Gripping and Emotional. Looking for a rip-roaring action thriller with great characters and emotion? You can't go wrong with Nike's Wings."
The wings tattooed on Nike's back cover the scars of her dark past. Once part of a secret division of the CIA, she walked away after they asked her to go one step too far. A new branch of Homeland Security called the NIO deals with domestic and foreign terrorism within US borders. Nike has skills the NIO needs. Then they uncover a conspiracy that threatens all their lives...

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D.I. Shona McKenzie is Scotland’s go to girl for wierd dead bodies, of which there are many. She’s also knee deep in serial killers. With a team who are often at odds with each other and no time to deal with it, Shona rushes around the highways and byways to catch a killer before more people die. Gritty Scottish crime

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Fake Gods, the real God, a merciless angel, and of course Satan who prefers to be called Dev... It's WHERE HE GOES.

Print Edition of WHERE HE GOES includes LOCKER’S FALL

An endless pursuit for one missing element.

Angels. Jealousy. Boredom. Hence, the Gods of Olympus. Annihilation by winged creatures? God said no—he gave them Nash Ichor.
Immortal, guaranteed safety from Heaven’s clique, Nash subsists on blood. It fortifies his life force, intoxicates his charges, permits him to hold his false image. Most of the time everything works.
Sometimes mirrored worlds clash with each other.
Nash suspects one of those times fast approaches.
He’s not alive… Yet!
#romance, #paranormal, #angels, #darkfantasy

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The Coming Storm series - Book One #epicfantasy
"Gripping, exciting, heartfelt and a must read!"
Elon of Aerilann, Elven advisor to the High King, helped negotiate the treaty between his people, the Dwarves, and men. He suddenly finds that fragile truce threatened from without by an unknown enemy and from within by old hatreds and prejudice. Can he and his team uncover the threat, and can he convince the High King to act before it's too late? And at what cost?

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99 cents today. Destiny Revealed, book one of The Destiny Trilogy. A fantasy adventure like no other. Https://

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Now on Kindle Unlimited!

Three people desire an immoral climax.
Jake watches Carl give Dina what he never could. #menage, #voyeurism, #LGBTQ, #MMF, #religerotica, #interracial, #bisexual

No one suspects he’s gay but the one Magnum fears most—
His entity, or rather alter ego, travels with him.
Soon it will be hungry and Magnum craves feeding it.
#LGBTQ, #Gay, #MMRomance

Remember bodies crushing together—remember your first grind? Raider craves someone to assuage the ache in his loins and Blaze St. John fits the bill. #LGBTQ, #Interracial, #MMRomance

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My first ebook, a humble tribute dedicated to parents and elders!

It consists of advice and suggestions that I personally believe and follow, which I hope you will like too. I launched it on my dad's birthday and would love all your views and suggestions about it. It was a bestseller in the free ebook sections under eldercare and aging parents categories!

Please download your copies and if you like what you read, do share it with your family and friends, as it may help them as well. I would be grateful if you'd leave a comment in the form of a review on the below-mentioned Amazon link!

India -

US -

UK -

Canada -

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Nike's Wings
The wings tattooed on Nike's back are to cover the scars of her past. Once she worked for a secret division of the CIA as the assassin's assassin, then she quit when they asked her one step too far.
The NIO, a new branch of Homeland Security, deals with domestic and foreign terrorism in the US. Nike has skills the NIO needs. But a conspiracy resurrects Nike's dark past and threatens everything the country stands for and their lives...
Available in print and ebook.
#thriller #politicalthriller

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AVAILABLE NOW!! 🔥🔥🔥 The Brute And I. Forgiveness and redemption. Follow the link and take a peek.
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