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ok, I think I'm missing the boat on App-V.
I've used thinapp. I click on the exe it creates and the application runs, no fuss.
With Appv I installed the Appv 5 client. The desktop team created a appv package I double clicked on the msi they gave me and it looked like it went through an install and required admin rights.

With thinapp I could just replace the exe to tweak or upgrade the app, is that possible with appv?

Has anyone here integrated with SCCM 2012 SP1?
Looking to see how it differs from standalone, as we are building SCCM 2012 right now.

We do not have any AppV product in production in our current state, so we have a blank slate (We were running AppV back at my old job - I was brought in to get AppV going)

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Great article on RunVirtual with AppV 5.0 - intercept Internet Explorer, inject plugin with AppV

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We are just starting to get into Appv. 5. I have everything installed. 
Looking into how it intergrates with SCCM

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If anyone fancies a hangout to go through install and share knowledge just let me know
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