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How To Day Trade Using Fractals

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How to achieve $200 plus a day per contract Day Trading.

I recorded the following video for my live training room members and members of The Day Traders Fast Track Program.

This is session one of two.

Session two is strictly for members only however in session one l really want to get across to all traders that trading is a business, it’s a career and you need to have a plan.

In this recording, I briefly discuss some of the world’s best day and swing trading strategies, these are the best of the best and when combined with the right money management rules and the right trading conditions you have some incredible high probability pattern, rules based trading strategies.

As always traders my recordings are raw, real, and unedited and as you watch l want you to be asking yourself, what can l learn from this? How can l use this? How can this improve what l am already doing?


How to achieve $200 plus a day per contract Day Trading.
Here is the link:

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Day trading the Gold Futures Contract.

In this recording l cover day trading the Gold futures contract.

At $10 a tick with some great intraday trends Gold is a great alternative to say the ES, NQ or YM Contracts.

Traders, my recordings are raw, real and unedited, not a universal production, watch them with an attitude of, what can l learn from this? how can l use this?

Please ensure you take notes as you watch my recordings as just that one idea may change your trading career.


Day Trading the Gold Futures Contract.

Watch this, here is the link:

Account Management

Its all happening like an imagination because I never believed I could achieve some goals and make a good living with binary options /forex trade. Thought it was scam like many others here but to my greatest surprise, I got payout within the stated time as she promised.$300 got me $4850 in 7 trading days, Mrs emera is indeed a God-sent, Honest and Poverty Eradicating Account Manager for the invaluable service she rendered which brought me this recovering my lost funds and achieving some goals. She knows everything about trades as to when to place a trade or not (either CALL or PUT) so as to avoid losing. 
I gladly recommend her for anyone here in need of a reliable Binary Options / Forex Trade Account Manager.

Feel free to contact her through email::(

On May the 7th in France the second round of the presidential elections will be held. The announcement of the results can provoke high volatility in financial markets which increases the risk of financial operations. We advise to be prudent while operating in the market and reserves the right to insert amendments in the trading conditions such as increase of margin requirements and spread. We strongly recommend to bring your open positions in accordance with the increased margin requirements for the weekend and in order to avoid involuntary reducing of your positions. We wish you successful trading and advise you to follow the rules of risk-management. in case you need a manager.

Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do. Being successful in trading binary options requires all of these qualities. I still remember like yesterday when I lost so much to trading binary options and thought my whole world was crashing but still I didn't give up but instead devoted more of my time and energy into developing an awesome strategy that is capable of generating an average profit of USD8,000.00. I have a few tips that might be very useful to those looking to be successful in trading binary options. Simply inbox me on hangout or email me on
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