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Red  DawnClan Territory
Blue  SavageClan Territory
Yellow  StarClan Territory
Green  No Clan Territory


Leader Crypticstar +xxinsidiousxx AnimalJam
Deputy Hollowcreek +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Medicine Cat Cherryfern +Luciana SilentShriek​ 
Medicine Cat Apprentice Heatherpaw +ιѕαвєllα ѕωαи​ 


Briarpool +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Braveclaw +arcticpenguin661 AJ​ 
Ashwhisker ?
Vinecloud ?
Sunshine +Shadow Drowned​ 
Ravenpelt +Frost Warrior​ 
Shredface +MInatsuki Takami​ (Apprentice: Featherpaw +kateellec)
Lakeshade +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ• 
Birchfoot +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Darksong ?
Moonwhisker +GalaxyShrine Gaming​ 
Wolfstorm +chiara daigle​ 
Featherheart +KawaiiSnow Forever​ 
Galaxyblaze +Lexi the UmbreonTM​ 
Blizzardclaw +Frost Warrior​ 
Nightclaw +carrotcoward the jedi​ 

Featherpaw +kateellec​ 
Ebonypaw +Freya Catherine​ 

Queens (Pregnant or Nursing She-Cats):
Rainstorm +xxinsidiousxx AnimalJam

Foxkit +Shadow Drowned​ 
Hawkkit +arcticpenguin661 AJ​ 
Spiderkit +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Stormkit +Storm Blast​ 

~ ~ ~

Leader Mistystar +MInatsuki Takami​ 
Deputy OPEN
Medicine Cat Webstep +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Medicine Cat Apprentice OPEN


Skystrike +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Tornface +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ•​ 
Amberclaw ?
Agateclaw +Logan Parrish​ 
Robinwing +•Lillies Tнɛ Cråzy Fαɴɡıʀʟ• (Apprentice: Coldpaw)
Silverheart ?
Driftingleaf ?
Stormcloud +Llamas Are sweg​ 
Nightlight +Frosty Fire​ 

Shadepaw ?
Coldpaw +Merlin's Magic​ 

Queens (Pregnant or Nursing She-Cats):

Hawkkit +Logan Parrish ?



Dark Forest Cats:
Silvernight +Logan Parrish 



Fi +Fгﻨεռժlყ Fﻨгε 
Pollen ?
Crystal ?
Ella +India Schiedel-Foucher​ 
Feather +Yana Wolf​ 
Pike +arcticpenguin661 AJ​ 
Frey +kateellec​ 

Barn Cats:
Calligraphy +RC Dragons​ 
Fi +Fгﻨεռժlყ Fﻨгε 



Please Note This is be updated often, but I will not be able to keep track of everything. If there's a ceremony (Kits become Apprentices, Apprentices become Warriors, Warriors retire, Deputy becomes Leader, Etc), please tag me in the post so I can update this. If kits are born, cats die, etc, same thing so I can add the kits to the Clan/Move the cat to StarClan/Dark Forest. Thanks.

One thing that annoys me so much is the confusion between Rogues and Loners. So I found some explanations on them both so you know for sure which one you are.
Rogue is the term used to describe the hostile, usually aggressive stray cats who do not belong to a Clan and are not cared for by Twolegs.

Loners are cats living on their own who do not belong in any Clan, are not looked after by Twolegs, and are passive to the Clans.


~VERY Important. Please read!!~

Hey, Warriors! This is quite important! c:

We've decided that we're gonna add a few things, like News Flashes. We thought that the medicine cats and warriors haven't been getting a lot of attention, so we're gonna add small "News Flashes"! Likewise, these things could come up at random. There could be things like:

"A whitecough plague has spreader out into your clan! Due to the leaks in the den. Gather up warriors to fix up the leak and go out and search for Catmint ((Or, A.K.A Catnip)) and hurry and fix the outbreak."

And, if you don't treat it, then next "News Flash" could be about the whitecough turning into Greencough! So, medicine cats, GET OFF YO BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Or, another example:

"Prey has become scarce in ___Clan, (Or,) All of the clan Territories! Due to Leafbare You must hunt harder and go hungry to feed your clan. Hunt more."

So, ((This is more likely to happen in Leafbare)) you're gonna have to hunt more often, Warriors! ((And, it's perfectly okay to come back to your clan, from a patrol, with no prey to feed to them. It makes it more interesting and your cat doesn't have to be OP!))

For these scenarios,  You could role-play it out, with  other members in the community, or, you could create a event for it!! Or, you could just tell us you cured it... ((The boring way.. >:c))

Not to mention, there could be completely random events, like a upcoming battle.
These "News Flashes" could also be about an apprentice becoming a warrior, or a warrior (or ) deputy retiring.
There are also scenarios responding to some of the seasons! These could be like: ((Ex:))
GreenLeaf/NewLeaf: Fishers in Savageclan Territory! Twolegs camping in woodland! Trappers trapping in DawnClan!

Leafbare: Again, Snow Camping in any/all of the territories.

About Outbreaks ((For medicine Cats))
Hey, medicine cats! This is your chance to shine! Here, you could role-play it out, and get others to join your roleplay, or you could also find some other way to tell us that you've treated the outbreak. See, depending on what happens in the "Flashes", you need to create a treatment, corresponding to the disease. ((You can look up the herbs, but I'd recommend somehow memorizing it. I've already started my training.)) And, if theres a cause to the outbreak, ((Aka, Leaks in the den, weather, or maybe some cat poisoned the food?)) Then you could ask warriors, leaders, deputies, or even other clans to help you fix it! ((Maybe not if there's a leak to the den. Seriously, if you're in DawnClan, and you ask a Savageclan cat to help, that's a bit awkward.)) There's a few outbreaks; Few being:
•Greencough and Witecough

• Sickness/ Illnesses

•Poisoned Food (Maybe there's a traitor in the clan, or the food was bad)

((And other stuff; Remember; This stuff can happen at random))

About Battles ((Mainly For Warriors))
Well, it's bound to happen. Here, you can have a few battles. A few being

•Rouge/ Loner/ Kittypet battles
If they're stealing your food or on your territory, get ready to pounce! These could also include a patrol of Rogues/city cats, so you could bring your own patrol and attack from there. ((OCs, such as Rogues, Loners and Kittypets could get their chance to shine!))

•Clan Battles ((The HUGE big battles))
You might wanna get permission from me. And, there should also be a spectator deputy for this, just in case; You must also list your cat's name and their clan. These battles can last up to 2-all the clans joining. These battles are the more serious battles, and you could get to majorly injure cats. These cats are also serious, seeing as you could fight for territory.

•Animal Attacks
Here's where things get interesting. Cats can easily get ambushed by other animals. ((Maybe not.)) But still. There could very well be predators in your clan! From the slithering snake, to the lumbering badger, and everything in-between. These animals are no laughing matter! Let us not forget the dog.

Twoleg/Animal Attacks?
You know that there are scenarios corresponding to the seasons. Twolegs, animals, and even other cats can come at any time to get to your clan!

They could come at any time to hunt in your territory! Figure out ways to get rid of them, and get them out of your territory.

•Twoleg kits?
Twoleg kits? I THINK YES! Kits could also wander into your territory.

• Dogs
DOGGONE IT! THEY'RE BACK! Dogs could very well create packs in your territory. They could also just wander in. Be careful!

Yes, like always, there are ceremonies. These ceremonies could very from a new apprentice, new kits in the clan, or even new leaders/deputies! NEW ANYTHING! These are mainly for letting every cat know that there's new ((something)) in the clans!

These are things for both warriors and Medicine cats. As you all know, there are travelings to the Moonpool, and you can become a Medicine cat or a Leader there. But what about traveling in the clans? YES! You can travel upstream, and deputies can create patrols to travel upstream. ((Maybe because the water has dried up?))

About Clans/Territories
Here, you can loose territory, or maybe the atmosphere around/in your territory has changed. ((Maybe it's cold, or water has died up. Maybe twolegs are cutting down trees?)) So, it's YOUR job to help territory and territory around you. There can also be Medicine herbs drying up.

Ah, yes, weather. You know there is Rain, sun, hail, (etc) so there's a chance you get it.
There is different weather, corresponding to different seasons. ((It could be rainy and cold, or sunny and cold, or windy and hot! Stuff like that.))

We've decided around the end of the month ((27-31st of the month)) we can get to go to a gathering. We can gather all of the clans, ((Storm, Night, Breeze, Ripple, Warrior)) and have A HUGE gathering. Of coarse, not everyone can go, if they're gone from their screen, or something like that.

So, that's just a bit of what can happen. THERE'S TONS of scenarios that can happen when you're in the clans. This is acting basically like our leader board, or Message board, or telling board, or whatever you wanna call it!

It's quite important, so you might wanna listen to it. There's (like said) TONS of different scenarios. (There  could be a missing elder!) And tons of new ideas to explore!~ So, I'm looking forwards to this. Aren't you?

Please leave any suggestions in the comments below!


Tell me if I have missed anything. I know I have been missing a lot of the cats mostly because I can't tag you. Comment your OC, Rank, and Clan and I will get it in the roster ASAP

Hi everyone, so I need for you to take a good look at the roster. All of the cat's names with '?' by them are the G+ names I don't have for them. Please help me try and figure out the names for the missing cats or tell me if their OC owner quit. Thanks! 

Crypticstar Slipped Around Her Clan's Territory, Hoping To Have Some Action With Her Clanmates For Fun ((OPEN RP TO ANY SAVAGECLANNER))


I want to get this community roleplaying again! Please, lets start getting members and roleplaying more often. A Gathering will be held very soon, so please attend that.

Also, I need you to either +1 this post or comment if you are still active! Thanks guys!

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Hi loves! Please join my new community! I will be active on this new one as well as Savage and DawnClan (don't forget, my friend gave me this community). Thanks all!

((Open Roleplay to anyone)) Mistystar crept from the trees in the foggy air, the trees swished in the wind, something wasn't right, it was too quiet. "Hmm..." She meowed slightly concerned with the feeling she had

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Just somethan funny!


How many characters can you have? Sorry if I should know this and missed it

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Name: Moonwhisker
Gender: female
Age: 34 moons
Clan: Savageclan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Grey and white she-cat with yellow eyes
Personality: She is a very nice and friendly cat but you don't want to get in a fight with her
Likes: Fights, food, training, and battle training
Dislikes: Crow food, Dawnclan, Death berries, being beaten
~ ~ ~  
Strengths: Fighting and hunting
Weaknesses: Starving
Fears: Starving and being beaten
~ ~ ~  
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Sister(s): Dead
Brother(s): Dead
 ~ ~ ~  
Bio: She was born and raised in Savageclan, prepared to fight to the death. She saw her own family killed off in a battle with Dawnclan, vowing to get her revenge in all the battles that started later in her life. She has been turning into a cold hearted cat each day.
~ ~ ~  
Voice: A soft english accent
Theme Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele
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