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When a kid says t rex is the best dinosaur and the biggest meat eater

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Not a profile but it's spiny art

name: ultimate
weight:10 tons
height: 25 ft
weapons: conical teeth, 9 ft arms tipped with 9 inch claws, top speed 35 mph
species:spinosaurus, suchomimus, baryonyx and irritator hybrid
skin toughness: knife and bullet proof.
bio: similar personality to a terrorist but heroic not villanous. Likes food, water and land, hates T-Rex's and other superpredators, with the exception of the spinosaurids and Indominus-Rex.

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Name: Snaggle Tooth
Species: Vastatosaurus Rex
Age: 5
Weapons: Large foot claws, strong kick, powerful mouth, large teeth
Height: 40 feet
Weight: 10 tons
Bio: An evolved version of the T-Rex, living on Skull Island. The V-Rex has bigger teeth, a more snaggle toothed jaw, a bigger bite, and is much more aggressive.
Skin: 9

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+Kobe Spinosaurid RexWarrior
Here is the sucky drawing of my Dino I don't draw good but u get the pic right

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Name: Spini
Age: 6
Weight: 12 Tons
Height: 45ft
Weapons: 13inch claws, a bite force close to the Trexes, and huge feet
Species: spino plus indominus 
Skin toughness: bullet proof on the back and spine 
Bio: comes from Triassic Park

I now behold the dinosaur hybrid experiment dinosaur that went wrong.Proticus
Made of:spinousurus raptor trex and kentrosaurus
Bio:When about to be complete genetics went wrong and Fear escaped the lab destroying it.He was found in the restricted zone and keeps growing in his enclosure the shoulder spikes from kentrosaurus is now a wiggly claw an extra arm from raptor and mishapend claws on the feet a trex head as a tail and for some unknown reason he drips acid from his mouth but it's probably a strong dilaphosaurs spit
Size up to 50 feet in length and 40 ft tall
Weapons spit a weird T. Rex head tail raptor arm and toe claws and kentrosaurus wiggly spikes
Weight 13 tons
Skin toughness:Extremley hard
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