Just wanted to save all my myth information about #dragonbovines  from a Storyline template I was working on and I thought I would share it here.
"Dragonbovines are a unique animal born from the merging of Elemental Dragons and Holsteins. No one knows how long Dragonbovines have been flying around the Earth but legend has it they have been responsible for the many years of peace that the world has experienced since 2025."
Dragonbovines eat their weight in greens every week?"
And "Dragonbovines provide three flavours of milk with healing powers? Dragon extra spicy, chocolate cayenne and white."

Wish we had found this place earlier.  I unintentionally lured a human into the open when I suggested meeting in a chat on the rules page, and he responded in twitter.  Apologies from a Zombie must open a whole new genre, but feeling genuinely apologetic to @gpetruzella this afternoon.  I was just trying to get the action restarted.   #roadtohell  
  #paved   #goodintentions  

Note to #TvsZHere  4.0 participants:
Th is an example "post" that includes a discussion thread. G+ spaces like this do not act like chat or IM (like the chat space in the Rules Manifest might), but this is a way to document an ongoing conversation so that other people can participate in it later. Once you close the chat in a Google Doc, it's gone. 

Pete and Anna's attempt to "hack" the antidote rule. You can discuss, rule, argue, and nullify here at will :)

Pete's post: http://peterorabaugh.org/uncategorized/connected-learning-and-hacking-the-antidote/

Anna's post: http://developingwriters.org/2014/06/22/connected-learning-and-hacking-the-antidote/

Rule suggestion request:
The rule committee is having some fierce discussion about upcoming rules. Some include: weapon, barricade, overrun, zapbite, superdodge, and superswipe. Please include your ideas below on how you'd like to see these work OR suggestions for another rule. Keep in mind that we'll be leaning heavily toward rules that involve video content.

Remember: you're not vulnerable here. Post away and discuss to your heart's (or brain's) content.

If anyone's still reading along with this community, I am awakening the beast. TvsZ is about to run again (4.0) with some major new tweaks and a larger community. Are you interested in serving as an admin?

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Is Twitter vs Zombie a good example of Twitter being the equivalent of a word in written language? Hummmm - open question. Some of my musing in this regard http://bit.ly/1dU8XP0

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A wonderful game as always. Thanks to the team who helped run it. And it was a pleasure playing with old friends and new.

Do you want to be contacted about the fourth game, whenever that happens? How?

Are you a student or a working professional or both? You can tell us as much or as little about your course of study as you'd like.
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