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My current setup

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My Home theater configuration. You could go above it but this is the minimum to have good streaming for more than 1 point:

1- Synology file server 4 bays of 2tb or 3TB each (or more file servers or HD docking station depending on the volume of your DVD library)
2- Popcorn Hour C200 player with 2TB HD and 500GB system HD
3- Surround system 7.1 (I have B&W complete set bi-wire)
6- Yamaha 7.1 Amp
7- Power conditioner
8- UPS
9- Desktop PC connected to TV
10- Gigabit network connects TV/Synology/Popcornhour
11- And most importantly, cables. Get audiophile quality for bi-wiring.
NB: The rest you see on the photos are for listening to music (NAD power amp and CD player plus B&W Nautilus speakers on monster cables)

Burn all your DVDs using: DVDFab/AnyDVD and/or download mkv movie torrents and download their subtitles.
You might need tools such as MKV maker, tsMuxer, MKVmerger for convertion muxing/demuxing.

You will then have all your DVD/Blu-Ray library on a system that you can navigate like those system in airplanes and select the movie you want to watch. Give me a buzz for help if you decide to go for one and I will help you set it up ;-)
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Hey, this is a community made for B&W lovers like yourself. Feel free to share pictures of your awesome B&W speakers, post a news article, or whatever.

I'm Nick Bock of Stereo Barn.
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