neutriNote: anyone with Android Lollipop experienced issues after updating to 2.2.2? 

I am trying to import several text files but as soon as I leave the app they are deleted. Am I missing a step? It would also be nice if the app remembered the last folder you tried to import from.

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Get it while it's free

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neutriNote 2.2.1 (upcoming):

JSON support for Text Expansion. To see how this works, add this line to ~neutrinote_shortcuts.txt


You can select and expand JSON objects such as the one below:

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For those who only want to tweak built-in preview style (say, add line numbers to code snippets) instead of replacing the style wholesale, simply add the following line to ~neutrinote_settings.txt:


Built-in preview style can now be modded by adding custom css styles to ~neutrinote_styles.txt
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Hi, I don't seem to be able to install Neutrinote. It is listed as incompatible for my device. (Zenfone 3) Is there any way I can download it?

While I do not use org-mode or Emacs, below is a snippet shared on Hacker News with the use of Termux (which is one of my favorite apps) org-mode users may find useful:

1. Install the Termux app.

2. Install the Termux API app.

3. Install the Termux api CLI tools via apt. You now have access to clipboard.

4. Install Emacs within termux.

Termux offers an apt-based package management system, and a substantial, though partial, set of Debian-based packages. (592 packages as I write this -- a full Debian archive is >60k packages now.)


For Android Nougat users:

If file links are not working for you, give 2.1.7 (currently in beta) a try

Besides, neutriNote will crash when taking new photos in-app under Android Nougat. That's now a known bug of the 3rd party component used by neutriNote. The compoent's developer is currently looking into the problem.

(Tests were conducted on my semi-broken Android N device.)

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Hi, Everyone.

To make even better use of neutriNote, I´ve made a task in tasker that we could share an image (as far as i could see, we could only share text)

This task uses AutoShare.
Hope it´s usefull for more people.
If you have any doubts, call me.

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Enhanced clipboard viewer (tap edit status to show clipboard content, long tap clipboard content to invoke enhanced viewer)
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