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○ No NSFW, use Hangouts for your naughty things.

○ No cyberbullying. You will be banned immediately.

○ If you want to be added to the description, contact me.

○ Dragons and anthros only (dragons preferred)

○ Please don't post things into the wrong section. It will be removed, though there is no punishment. Unless you continue to do so.

○ Do not abuse mod powers
• Banning because you do not like someone
• Shitposting in Mod Only section
• Threatening to ban others if they do not do what you want them to do (AKA blackmailing)

○ It is preferred you have a *G+ Page* for your character, as you can have more freedom with your name, though it is not required.

Each section will have their own set of mini rules, pinned to the top.

○ Have fun, hang out with your friends and make some new ones~

(Please report in the comment section if there are any spelling errors)
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