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Profile Template and Rules





Appearance: (Eye color, hair color, etc.)

Home Planet:

Bio: (A short description of your charater before the rp events)


No overpowered characters.

No bunnying.

Make the rp at least two sentences long.

If you want to swear, please censor it. (ex. S***!)

No bullying outside of rp.

Don't rp before making a profile and getting it approved by me or another mod.

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The Eunoia speeds away from firey blasts originating from a ship following close behind. The Eunoia takes a sharp turn and lands on a planet. Mya gets out in a dark red cloak, hiding her face. The mystery ship lands behind and armed guards get out. Mya races through the crowd, accidentaly bumping into you.

((Open RP))

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Name: Henna
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Basically a cyborg
Appearance: (see picture)
Home Planet: Earth
Bio: When Henna was around 12-ish, a scientist captured her and gave her computer parts among other things. (The experimentation she went under ended in her receiving 1,000x more knowledge than she already had, and Telekinesis.) She was then in a coma for two years and finally escaped afterwards. Sometime after that, in some way or another, she joined Ship Eunoia.

((I know the picture could use a bit more work, but I was being a bit lazy :P))

(Hopefully this isn't an RP that takes days)
The ship finds Blight fainted in the desert and decide to bring him onboard


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Profile Template

Name: Forge

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Weapons: DMR Marksman rifle, Silenced semi automatic magnum handgun

Appearance: (Eye color, hair color, etc.) Blue/green eyes, buzz cut, tall, buff, broad

Home Planet: Earth, Longview Texas

Bio: enlisted in the Mobile infantry at age eighteen, Forge became a MP for convoy security. Serving over fifteen years, Forge earned the rank of Command Sergeant Major. He has been through four off world deployment assignments and two on world. When disaster struck, his unit was in charge of evacuation. He was the last of the troops to leave, but he was abandoned by accident. Stranded on Earth for a month he stumbled upon a single United Nations star fighter. He now travels from checkpoint to checkpoint to survive. Taking jobs, he regrettably lives the rest of his own life alone.

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(Imagine this playing as it unfolds )Coming upon a station, Forge was happy to finally see life. But the station didn't agree. A small was squadron was deployed to take Forge out. He turned his fighter around, sadly the bulky fighter was too slow. So he improvised, pulling the throttle up at the last second, flipping behind them and fired at them taking one out, his machine guns jammed, due to lack of maintenance god d***!! Every time! 

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Name: Mya Alkeav

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Shapeshifter

Appearance: Mya in human form (left), Mya in wolf form (right)

Home Planet: Reauden

Bio: Growing up, Mya was a outcast from her town. She often stole things to just get by. When a mysterious group of people tried ro take her, Mya knew that the townfolk wouldn't help her. She fought them off and stole their ship, the ship that would later become the Eunoia.

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Name: Blight Serverka

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf/Human

Appearance: Black eyes, Black messy hair, Usually wears a hoodie that says 6969 on it
(Too lazy to draw a picture)

Home Planet: Tenaa?

Bio: While light was going through his sh** Blight was on the family farm making the Venus cream the universe loves. This means a life full of labor. But one unfortunate day on the farm, they got invaded. Luckily he was alive. But have of the workers and farm was destroyed. There was then more work. So he ran away. He got exausted and fainted soon after. Then he got picked up by ship eunoia.... To be countinued.

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