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[Welcome to equestria!]

If you are reading this, Help! I'm in the rainbow factory! Pinkamena will get me! Oh no!
cuts out

[Pinkamena] Hello! Welcome to our humble home! Equestria! I'm pinkamena! And I think we will be great friends! Well anyway here's the boring blah blah stuff!

[Rule one]
Don't godmod! It makes the rps horrible and nobody will want to rp with you again!

[Rule two]_
Don't powerplay! Its JUST wrong to have somepony with powers they shouldn't have! Like an earth pony with magic hmmmm?

[Rule three]
Respect the owners and mods. They do have the power to ban you!

[Rule four]
Wait to be approved before roleplaying. And please don't tag a mod 50 times in one post. It makes us angry.

[Profile template]






[Cutie mark]

[Your home]
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