Friends & family are important to  help you make purchase decisions, from holiday recommendations to food or clothing.
What item /product/service/brand would you recommend to other group members, and why?

Doing exercise of any kind, from going to the gym, to running, to team sports, is always a process on continuously learning. I always find myself picking up new tips and tricks to make my routine better or just to learn something I never realised before. 

We'd love you to share some of the advice and tips you've learned - and where you heard them! 


Hi +Chris Hyland +Georgy Guiot +Jonas Jonaitis +Michelle Venn +Payal Chaddha +Simon Beer +Tony Leafe +Christopher York , welcome to our little community!
We're really interested in having a chat with a few of our members. Please take a minute to introduce yourself, and/or let us know what fun things different you have done recently? Thanks in advance,
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I went to the Natural History Museum recently - a friend invited me to go to their 'After Hours: Science expo'.  So basically they had a lot of scientists setting up stations all around the museum answering questions about their area of expertise. 
I found the 'Forensic' station because I studied criminology - and you can see I ended up dressed as a 'CSI'. It was far more interesting than I'd originally thought it would be - I learned a lot about blood stain analysis and gunshot residue...

Hi everyone, 
I'm Jenny. I'm 26 and live in London with 3 friends. I'm originally from Kent, but I've been here for about 5 years now.  
I occasionally drag myself to the gym, but also like to spend a lot of time with my friends, doing fun things and going to interesting new restaurants, bars, events....

We appreciate that the lives of our members are bigger and more interesting than just the time they spend with us. Tell us a bit about your favourite activity / event in the last few months that you went to with friends – and feel free to post some pictures or share some links! 

Introduce yourself with a bit of information about who you are, what you do, and where you live! 
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