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Hello fellow geeky friends. What started as an idea at JaxHax is now up and running as GeekyJax. It is the most comprehensive geeky calendar and an interactive map of awesome in jax. The whole thing is crowdsourced and set up as minimal and possible. If anyone would like to help out message me.
Please check it out and spread the word if you like it.

JaxHax Lan party is coming up this Friday. Sign up/pay ahead of time and you'll get in for a $5 discount. Food is also going to be available but also must be paid ahead of time (so the people cooking have time to gather supplies and plan for the meals, the more people that buy in the better the food).
Information central (has links to sign up, prepay, food, schedule, maps, ect):

So I hear that JaxHax some shadowrun players. Do we have any one willing to run some Shadowrun SR5 Missions?

Lan Party at JaxHax this weekend June 26 - 28!

Starts 7pm Friday, ends 10pm Sunday

Come on down and join in the fun!  Please direct any questions to

Directions to the space:

Cost will be $20 for JaxHax members, $30 for non-members for the whole weekend of fun, or half price for a single day.

Our illustrious member Chris Martin will be hosting the following tournaments with prizes:

Friday 9PM: Armagetron
Format: Random 2v2
Prize: $5 Steam Bucks

Friday 11PM: Starcraft 1
Format: 1v1 Lost Temple.
Rules: No Cheeseing, lets make these games competitive.
Prize: $5 Steam Bucks

Saturday 5PM: League of Legends
Format: 5v5 unranked queue best KDA ratio
Prize: $5 Riot Points

Saturday 10PM: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Format: 2v2 best of 3 matches
Maps: Aztec, Dust 2, Inferno
Prize: $5 Steam Bucks

Sunday 12:00PM: Soldat
Format: FFA best score out of 3 matches
Prize: $5 Steam Bucks.

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Has anyone seen my lab coat. It has the Jaxhax logo and my name on it. As seen in my profile picture.

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Are you part of the Maker Movement? +The Miami Herald visited The Learned Nerd Makerspace while we were getting ready for the Arduino workshops! (Big thanks to +Deborah Acosta)

Okay people! This Friday I am going to need pictures of things we can display for the FSCJ Display I mentioned on the G+ Hang out. If you don't know yet, FSCJ Nassau Center Library is interested in having JaxHax have a spotlight art/tech gallery in the Library. My boss would like to have some pictures of the projects so we can plan on space for the display. THERE HAS BEEN NO SET DATE YET. Mostly because I want to have an appropriate amount of projects signed up and ready for the display first. I need to get together with you guys to solidify a clear date when we will set up the display. It will be up for 1 Months time. If there is anything you would like displayed, please message me either here or on Google+ if you have something you want to display like art, maybe a picture of a project your working on, small projects, even incomplete projects are welcome. Hope to hear from you all soon!
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