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My description: For the lyrics, I think we've all felt when the "walls kept tumbling down" and I like the sentiment of closing your eyes and just deciding to be an optimist about things. The music video was shot in my home town of LA, so that's neat too. I love the drum part of this song, as you can hear very clearly how the part changes throughout the song and it really drives the song forward into different moods (purposefulness, excitement, joy/despair, etc.). Finally, the vocal parts are very fun. Obviously the lead singer is very good, but I especially love what his backup singers do with tonality and arpeggios. Above all, this is my favorite song for the moment, so I hope you enjoy and feedback is of course welcome.

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Guys, I just watched the first video, and i'm not really sure about what kind of music all of you are interested in, but here's quite an interesting cover of Wake Me Up by Avicii, covered by Sam Tsui. Take a listen :)


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