Ok moderators here is the rules and guidlines page.

1. Don't break the rules. Denoted to member if you do.
2. Stay active on community.
3. Be civil with everyone.
4. Remove spam posts. Spam filter should be working.
5. Ban and unban people who breaks the rules. If anyone found banning and unbanning people due to personal favoritism or personal enimity, you will be denoted to member.
6. Frequently check the community for posts and delete inappropriate once.
7. Be patient and attend to any member you requests your aid. (My god, that sounded so cheesy...)
8. Any complaints then tell me.
9. Update and posts frequently. Please
10. Follow the rules. You will have a nice and tidy time here if you do.

Good luck!

Here's how the banning and warning thing works:

1. If a member posts porn, permanently ban them.
2. If its a bait post, warn them on first. Ban for a week on second. Permanent ban on third.
3. Ban them for rash behaviour with you guys. Permanent.
4. Racist comment regarding race or religion, warn on first post. Ban for two weeks on 2nd. Permanent ban on third. BAN WITHOUT WARNING ON SEVERE INSULTS PERMANENTLY
5 Three strikes and you're out. If anyone has been suspended for three times, permenently ban them.
6. Do not unban anyone without a screenshot proof of the spam.
7. Take apologies into account for breaking rules.

That's it!
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