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In a world of Good and Bad, what will you do?
Hai! Welcome to this RP community!
A short description
In the great mountains of Norway, a fairly large Pack of Wolves thrived. They hunted together, fought together, and in general, respected eachother. One day, several of the wolves rebelled against the Pack leaders. They soon gained followers and left. They created what is now known as 'Scarlet Blood' Pack. The Turquoise Angel Pack has begun to train for battle instead of hunt, so they are prepared. Scarlet Blood Pack's goal is to eventually destroy the Turquoise Angels...
~NO ART THEFT! Also, please credit lineart.
~6 OC limit
~Two unnatural OC's
You may have an OC with wings, but they cannot fly unlimited. They must have a time limit in which they wear out and MUST land. An OC with wings will count as an unnatural OC
~No sexual RPs, you will be banned
~Limited swearing. Please don't drop the F bomb.
~Have fun!
~~*Pack info*~~
~There are 3 Pack leaders per Pack. One must have wings.
~There is only one Beta, and they decide when to hunt and where, and they also plan attacks.
~Please tag me if you try for a winged or Leader!
~There will be only 2 omegas. stealing idea from 'Wolves of the Beyond' The omegas job is to carve stories, battles, and events into bones. Please ask to be an omega!
~Healers heal, duh. Please ask for Healer!
Scarlet Blood Pack roster**_Scarlet Blood Pack roster_*

Turquoise Angel Pack roster *>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*
~~*Profile must include:*~~

Please include photo!


|| Dove ||

Previous Names-
Future names-
Dovely (Jay calls her that)
20 in dog years
Turquoise Angel
A white wolf with icy blue eyes and silver paws

Losing Jay
Not being there for her pack

Speed: 7/10
Hunting: 7/10
Battle: 7/10
Fishing: 5/10
Swimming: 3/10
Leaping: 8/10
Climbing: 9/10
Mothering: 7/10 (scared of being a bad parent)

Hello ist me-
Thanks for the invite!
Ill be making my oc profile soon!

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Base by XxAmuFujibioshixX

Name: Beowulf
Age: 15 in dog years
Gender: Male
Pack: Scarlet blood
Rank: Healer in training
Crushes: none
Mates: none
Snow mother, alive
Sky father, deceased
Personality: Determined, loyal, cheerful, clumsy, almost always gets confused between the herbs 
Bio: as a young pup he thought he had his life already planned out, he was going to be the best fighter and climb the ranks faster then any wolf has ever climbed them, but as he got older he began to grow a interest for herbs and healing wolfs

closed to +Veronicapony
Malzia lay down on a especially warm rock, simply enjoying himself, suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder Hmm? he looked up at you what do you need?

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rp pls

so bored

ima be rping with bean :> (an albino dwarf)

Rp anyone?

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Name: Moonwings
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Pack: Turquoise Angels
Rank: Beta??
Mates: None yet
Crushes: OPEN
Siblings: A sister wolf OPEN
Fur: White with blue tint
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Brave, sweet, adventurous, peaceful
Bio: Both of Moonwing's parents were killed by the alpha of Scarlet Blood when she was little and has no memory of them. She has only lived with her older sister all her life. Even though the angels are working to slaughter the Scarlet Blood, Moonwing sees the good side in everything and wants to make peace with the two packs by becoming beta.



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Name: Hades
Age: 15 years
Gender: Male
Pack: Scarlet Blood
Rank: Alpha if possible
Crushes: none
Mates: none
Family: all dead. Lily (sister) storm (father) Rose (mother)
Personality: Daring, Cunning, Rebellious, Evil
Bio: He was a clever and loyal wolf when he was young but the pressure to succeed got to him and with his clever words he easily moved some of the pack to his side. They rebelled and left the angels after he killed his family in cold blood. Severing all ties with the angels.
(Credit to the artist)

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"My pack will stay strong, we won't become weak!"
||General Information||
Name Greyfrost
Age 3 years old.
Gender Male.
Pack Scarlet Blood.
Rank Beta
Family His family died, will tell in biography.
||Personality Traits||
Personality Humorous at times, nice, soft, hard to omgele. Other packs he is mean, mysterious, and full of harm.
Likes He likes to brighten his pack up with this humor, and watching the pack up.
Dislikes Having other packs blame his clan for something they did or didn't do.
Favorite prey A rabbit or any kind of bird.
Favorite Activities Hunting, and helping his pack.
Favorite Portion of Territory
||Mates,Crush, ect||
Mate Open
Crush Open
Pups Once he has a mate, he can have pups.
||Out of Ten Strength||
Land Hunting
Water Hunting
Herbal Knowlage
Origin of Name He got Greyfrost for his looks, and how he was born in a frosty season.
Friends Open
Disabilities None yet.
Accessories None.
Theme Song Don't judge me by Chris Brown.
Voice (High? Low? Like any Character?)
His voice is low, but when he is in a better mood a lowish high. 
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