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Get ready for Easter and make your own Easter baskets out of fabric scraps and parcel string. Check out the tutorial here: http://nur-noch.blogspot.de/2015/03/osterkorb-aus-stoffresten-fabric-scraps.html (English and German)
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Today I'm sharing featured card making artist, Jeanne Jachna! Published card maker shares her journey! Find out how she found success: http://cardmakingartists.com/featured-artist-jeanne-jachna/
  Introducing featured artist Jeanne Jachna! Excellent card maker, risk taker and published card making artist.  This card making rock star has been published 105 times including this awesome cover on the 2014 Cards Magazine. Jeanne Jachna’s card making style is unique and fun.  I love all the elements she is able to use on …
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Handmade CAPECOD**
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Brand New Cuddlebug Cutie "Alicia" digital stamp / coloring page as well as free planner printable.
Personal planners have become a new style playground. They are not simply for keeping track of your appointments anymore. Day books are no longer a boring list of chores. They have inspired people to create a new form of...
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Ma petite amour :)
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Simple but effective #craft for the #kids to make
I love using fruit for stamping , it is easy, fun and the kids also have a ball making a painting good enough to hang in the kitchen
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Oh no I m sorry to here that , what went wrong?
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Му silk ribbon embroidery

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Ready to make something with all the fabric scraps you are hoarding? Here are 15 projects that you might like to try: http://nur-noch.blogspot.de/2015/02/15-fabric-stash-bustersstoffreste.html (English and German)
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+sabine rauchenberger
 Huch, wie lieb :-) Vielen Dank!
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My very first belly casting project with "in progress photos"

the first photo is my gorgeous cousin Julia in her cast helping me dry it...

Ps Baby Brock was welcomed into the world yesterday evening, big healthy boy at 8 lbs 7 oz & 20 in! So excited to meet him today! 💕
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oh thank you that is my cousin! her baby is beautiful, it is with plaster strips, Vaseline and water... I let it dry and then I will add more layers to it with regular plaster and then sand it and decorate it with whatever crafty I am inspired by, they have a nature themed nursery! +Laura S
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Those r pretty
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I tried out my new glue gun and let out my inner child!
I had a quiet hour to myself today, I probably should have got on with finishing my crochet wreath but I had a glue gun that I'd bought but not used and it was calling to me. So I sat down on a big cushion on the living room ...
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Bobbie S

Crafts  - 
Don't you love this pattern?!?  Its available for 50% off this weekend.  Avoid the crowds and stay home and sew this quilt up in just a couple hours! 

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Recently I have been given a beautiful scarf. Since I am unfortunately cursed and scarfs doesn´t become me, I simply changed the scarf to a camera strap. I didn´t touch the original seams of the strap, because I did not want to lose the warranty for my camera and instead sewed a cover for the strap. And as always, I also have a tutorial for you:http://nur-noch.blogspot.de/2014/11/kameragurt-camera-strap.html (English and German)
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